Seeing Carlos was harder than I thought it was going to be

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Seeing Carlos was harder than I thought it was going to be...... especially considering how things ended between us, I always felt bad about what I said and did to him but given the circumstances I didn't have a choice...... it was right before junior year and I remember being woken up out my sleep by my dad telling me that we need to go. I remember him scrambling around throwing shyt in a bag and in the car without an explanation, but I knew if my dad was scared it was serious and I knew enough not to question him. After grabbing a lot of y clothes I grabbed the picture of me and Carlos tucking it into my pocket..... nah couldn't leave without saying good bye to Carlos......

"Malik we don't have time for this trust me it's best for everyone if you cut all ties with Papi because chances are you'll never see him again." My dad said pouring what smelled like gasoline throughout the entire house. "Fine...... we'll stop by on our way out the city, now go wait in the car with your mom." My dad said lighting a match. As our house went up in flames we drove off into the night and I sent a quick text to Carlos telling him to meet me outside. My parents drove down the street to give us some privacy while he stood there looking as confident as ever.

"So if you're over here for the reasons I think you are then we might need to go get some more condoms because I used the last one on you earlier." He said rubbing my face. I looked in his eyes and I knew he loved me but I also knew that if I left without a good enough reason he'd continue to love me and I wanted him to be able to move on........

"Carlos..... I don't love you...... I never loved you, honestly you were just something to do to pass the time." I said not able to meet his eyes.

"Man quit playing Malik." He said laughing but it was a nervous laugh like he wasn't sure if I was serious or not and that meant I had to go even harder. So with a great deal of power I met his eyes and held his intense gaze.

"You are the most pathetic human being I've ever met in life, and seriously I don't care about you or this relationship..... you were never good enough for me; you're too short, you're arrogant for no reason because let's keep a hunnit you're not even that cute...... and let's be serious your family hates me so let's just end this before feelings get involved." I said smirking even though on the inside I was dying. "So I'm out I just hope your life is as miserable as you've made mine since the day I met you." I said.

"Malik don't do this......." He said reaching out for me but I pulled away.

"If you were to walk out in the middle of traffic and get hit by I car I'd probably laugh. Peace out Carlos....." I said walking away and as we drove away I looked back one last time to see him still standing in the same spot I left him.........

Seeing him with his knew dude just showed me everything I missed, this wasn't the same Carlos that I left on that night, he was still arrogant but his eyes..... the way he stared at that dude Quinton was far deeper and more intense than he used to stare at me..... Carlos loved this dude and it showed by the concern in his face whenever Quinton was under the water for too long. I walked up to my room and pulled out my phone, I really hoped he answered.

"Look I'm kinda busy so have you been able to cause a little drama between Quinton and Papi yet?" He asked and I tried not to roll my eyes I swear he got on my nerves but I was stuck in his web with no way out......

"I can't do it..... I love Carlos too much to hurt him again. He's happy which is all I've ever wanted for him." I said walking over to my suitcase.

"I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HIS HAPPINESS! HE GOT SOMETHING I WANT AND I'VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH FOR QUINTON TO SEE WHAT KIND OF FUCKBOY HE IS BUT OBVIOUSLY HE CAN'T SEE IT SO I NEED YOU TO MAKE PAPI REALIZE HOW MUCH HE STILL LOVES YOU ARE WE FUCKING CLEAR!?!?" He yelled. "Don't forget you fuckin owe me Malik..... I know what your dad did and since he's not alive the debt falls on you. I'm the only thing stopping my cousin from breaking your face.......just cause a little trouble and I'll handle the rest." Julian said hanging up. I opened my suitcase and pulled out the old picture I had of me and Carlos.... he was kissing my cheek and I was smiling in a way I hadn't since the day I left him..... maybe trying to get him back would be a good thing because you never forget your first love............


"Gio why is it so damn hot in this room?" I asked going to open a window but he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder

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"Gio why is it so damn hot in this room?" I asked going to open a window but he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I swear I hated that he had about a foot over me and he better be lucky my head didn't hit the ceiling with his tall ass.

"Chill Jer' I got the heat on because if I turn the air on I'm going to want to cuddle up next to you, then I'm going to want to fuck you and we got somewhere to be in a couple hours so I can't be messing around with you..... I'll turn the air on before we leave. Speaking of leaving you gotta leave while I shower because I don't want you starting anything you know won't be finished until tomorrow morning." Gio said walking me out the room and locking the door behind me. He was acting like a punk.... I thought walking down to the pool where Matt and Naomi were still seated.

"When are y'all going to fuck?" I asked sitting next to them, I thought it was an honest question, Matt was rubbing sunscreen on her back and I could tell he was struggling. "Matt all you gotta say is 'let me put the tip in'.... that's how Gio gets me every single time." I said laying in the chair next to him.

"Jeremy I'm about to throw you in the pool, you can't be giving away all the secrets that's against the bro-code." Matt said shaking his head. Whatever...... I thought just as the sexy ass lifeguard Carlos walked by and this was one of the rare times I wished I was single.... but then I thought about that 6'5 Scorpio up in my room, showering; the thought of water cascading down his muscular chest, down his perfectly sculpted abs and rolling down his massive di..... I jumped up and took off running towards our room. Knowing Gio he locked the door but always forgot to put the latch on so I snuck inside and stripped out my clothes.

"I don't want nobody but you Kissin' on my tattoos..... I don't want nobody but me talkin to you. Until you fall asleep...." Gio sang loudly and though he couldn't sing worth a damn that shyt turned me on, I stepped in the shower with him and started washing his back. "You're going to get me in trouble." He said turning towards me, his dick poking me in the stomach.

"I don't give a fu....." Before I could finish Gio picked me up and pushed me against the wall, shoving his tongue in my mouth. It was our last night here and I wanted to go out with a bang............

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