Types of Dads

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America: Just-rolled-out-of-bed Mom
• Looks like they're gonna be crawling back in to bed after dropping the kids off at school.

France: Frantic Fran
• constantly running behind their child just in case they trip and have to go to the emergency room.

Matthew: Martyr Mom
• Puts themselves last whether it's eating, sleeping, or even basic hygiene.

China: Million-kids Mom
• Makes raising 6 kids seem like a piece of cake.

Italy: Oblivious Mom
• Always distracted and never paying attention to their child. Is clueless to the fact that their kid is eating things that aren't food.

Romano: Guilt-free Mom
• Goes out with friends and travels for work because their husband does a lot of the child-raising.

Japan: Know-it-all Mom
• Knows the recommended amount of sleep, food, and infant Tylenol a baby should have based on its age and weight. Knows exactly when the first teeth should appear and in what order. Gives other moms tips and is an expert at parenting.

I'm just kidding, they're all dads.

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