(A Certain Scietific Railgun) Protective!Mikoto Misaka x Shy! Depressed! Reader

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*Your P.OV.*

"Come on (y/n), you promised!!!," Uiharu complain as I desperately made an attempt to back out of our agreement.

"That was before you invited all of your friends!! Uiharu you know I'm not good with people!!!," I fought back hoping she would leave me alone.

"Ohhhh (y/n)!!!," oh no..it was Saten. "You should know we are right outside of you dorm. Don't believe me? Look out of your window". I didn't believe her so I took a peek and sure enough Saten and Uiharu were standing outside with two others. I immediately closed the blinds due to my lack of clothes.

"Pl-please leave!!," I begged.

"Nope! You have two options: come down or we will come up. What will it be?"

She was threatening me and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

"Fine! Just...give me five minutes!," I pleaded.

"Ok see you down here in 3 minutes," and with that she hung up. I went from 5 minutes to 3. Great!

*Time Skip*

I stood just inside the doors that lead outside. I was nervous nad didn't know what to do. I had on a Panic! At the Disco t-shirt on under my (f/c) hoodie. I had on long blue jeans. I had my dad's old baseball cap on too. He passed away when I was young, so I don't remember him. Not knowing him didn't help my depression at all. Uiharu is my best friend and she doesn't even know about it. She never will.

I opened the door and was surprised to receive a big hug from Uiharu, herself. "I'm glad you came!," she cheered. All I did was hum in response. She stood infront of me and introduced her friends,"I'd like you to meet my pink-haired friend Shirai and this is the ace of Tokiwadai, Mikoto Misaka!"

I nod my head,"It's nice to meet you guys. My name's (y/n)".

"Aren't you warm in that?," Misaka spoke up, taking notice of my outfit. Thankfully Uiharu answered for me saying I always wore stuff like this. Misaka gave up after that. (Or so you thought).

Misaka's P.O.V.

She came out of her dorm and my heart skipped a beat at her beauty. Her eyes were (e/c)and she had (h/l)(h/c). The only sad thing was that she was mostly covered with her jeans and hoodie. It was almost 75 degrees out, how can she be cold?

"Aren't you warm in that?," I question. Before (y/n) could talk Uiharu jumpped in explaining it. I decided to let it go for now, but it wasn't convinced. We all decided to head to the arcade. (Y/n) stayed behind the rest of us, but she was still close. I couldn't help, but notice how sad she looked.

*Time Skip*

Your P.O.V.

Finally we were almost finished with the day. Uiharu and her friends are nice and all, but I just couldn't handle it, they were so happy.. I wish i could be too. I wanted to play one more game before we left and it was one where you fought other students to see how good you were. No one ever got hurt so it was fine, but it seems I wasn't the only one who had the idea.

"Alright we'll have an electro master vs. a pyrokinesis," the lady announced.

I had to admit I was a little worried

The time count 3,2,1... I knew instantly that Misaka wasn't going to hold back and she didn't. I dodge the first 3 attacks and attacked her myself. Even though she was giving it her all I was getting bored, so I finished it. I put my hand in front of me and my flames surrounded me. Then suddenly they flew at Misaka, under my control, and I was ready to finish her when I heard,"The winner is (y/n)".

I began to walk away when Misaka came running up next to me, took my hand, and forced my sleeves up. My eyes widened as Misaka saw all of my scars,"What happened!?!" I saw that I couldn't lie to her, so I simply told her the truth. She spoke up again,"You're such an idiot".

I was about to ask her what she meant, but her soft lips stopped me. I kissed back not waiting or feeling ashamed that Uiharu and her friends were now watching us.

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