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new message to: fake ginger kiwi

cold sprouts;
i was in the toilet man
i went to the fucking toilet and this happens?
what the fuck

fake ginger kiwi;
i'm so sorry man
that's so shitty
you don't deserve that cole

cold sprouts;
i should have listened to you and told her before
at least that way i wouldn't have gotten this down finding out she's ??? whatever with my brother
avoid getting my own hopes up lmao

fake ginger kiwi;
don't be disheartened cole
we don't even know what's happening with them
maybe the photo is wrong they might've been talking?

cold sprouts;
don't bother
i could tell there was something between them when we were all out anyway
it's whatever

fake ginger kiwi;
it's not though
i don't like knowing you feel bad and you're upset
come over? let's go get food and it'll help make you feel at least a little better

cold sprouts;
lylas still at mine
she's in the shower
might leave a note and say i "have to go out quickly" and to let herself out

fake ginger kiwi;
go ahead man
see you in a bit mate x

cold sprouts;
see you xx

poor cole :-(
let me know what u think lads X
(also yes i update a lot atm bc i prewrote a load lmao)

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