Countries React to their Character Songs

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America: Woah! We have songs!

France: But I can't sing for shit.

Italy: Yay! Songs!

Germany: I don't know what to think about this...

*songs play*

England: This is not bad at all.

France: Oh? It seems that I can sing for shit.

Canada: Wha-? I can't hear anything. I'm guessing that's the point...

Russia: I approve of this. This is how I feel.

France: *to the video* Did you seriously have to mention that? This is why people think I'm a pervert.

Germany: Hm.

Romano: *blushing* I never sang about tomatoes...

France: Oh god. I'm moaning now, how nice.

China: Wow, these songs are actually good and catchy. Very powerful lyrics too.

Japan: *proud of himself*

Italy: *singing along enthusiastically*

France: what's all this talk about a girl? Sweetie, you're a homosexual.

Canada: That's the only song I have? That's not fair...

Prussia: All of these are awesome and I will download them all on my phone when I get home. *awesome grin*

England: I have a really nice voice.

France: *sits there with no expression on his face while the moans keep on going* Is it obvious that I'm uncomfortable right now?

America: Wow! I'm a great singer! *sings along*

*songs end*

America: No! More, more!

China: That was a nice experience.

Canada: *pouts* I didn't like it.

France: Euh... today I've learnt that I like to moan a lot, apparently.

England: I mean, I have no reason to hate them...

Italy: *still singing*

Germany: I can relate to them, I guess.

Japan: *so proud*

Romano: *still blushing* I hate everyone.

Russia: How do they know so much about me, though?

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