Countries React to Fanart

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America: Eh, I wish I was that buff.

France: Where do all of those muscles even come from?

England: I'm not short! I'm 5'9!
(Tall ass motherfucker: That's still short.
China: *cri*)

Canada: *smiles* I look cute.

Japan: Accurate.

Romano: This I can agree with. *spamano* NEVERMIND!

Russia: Woah, people are such great artists.

France: *searches up an image of Link* Ah, that's more like it. *grins*

England: At least my eyebrows look... fine.

China: Aw, I look so cute and happy! It's not accurate at all! *laughs*

Spain: *searches up Spamano images* Masterpieces everywhere.


Germany: Hm.

Italy: Ooh~! Look at me, I'm handsome!

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