A little background

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Mayas POV
My name is maya hart i live with my mom and my older brother Lucas  my dad died when i was 5. So my brother tries to treat me like his daughter even though we are actually 1 year apart if he sees me with a guy he will freak out and start threatening  the boys ugh so that means i don't get to date ☹️. Anyways what he does not know is that i actually have a tiny crush on his best friend his name is Farkle minkus they have been best friends since 6th grade i thought he was really cool and everything and out of nowhere boom i had feelings for him he is a photographer and unlike my brother he doesn't like sports but he is always there to support my brother and cheer him when he looses and his personality is just perfect and he is hot which is a bonus 😉 anyways he will never like me i think he has a crush on this girl smackle and i mean she is pretty and smart and everything so yeah i cant beat her . So this year im trying to start new its sophomore year for me so i decided to talk to new people make more friends i mean i already have a best friend her name is Riley and honestly i wouldn't change her for anything in the world she helps me get out of trouble and when im sad she makes me laugh i love her anyways i also want to get good grades and have fun this year lets see how that goes for me .

MY name is Lucas Friar i stayed with my dads last name and my sister with my moms because my father wanted maya to have my moms last name. i have a sister her name is Maya she is one year younger then me. i take care of her a lot because when my dad died she was really sad she even got sick anyways i try to protect her from everything so every time
A guys comes near her i scare them away i just dont want to see her hurt. I play in the football team im the QB and our team is one of the best in the country. My best friends name is Farkle minkus he is a bit shy sometimes but you just have to get to know him he is really cool he likes to take pictures and he is really smart he is always there for me he is the best . He is honestly the only guy i let be around my sister when im with her she gets annoyed but whatever.

Farkle's Pov

My name is Farkle minkus my best friend is Lucas friar he is the best he is so funny it's great hanging around with him . He has a sister her name is Maya Hart and she is the best girl I've ever known she is funny and talented she has a really nice personality i think i like her but that cant be Lucas only trust me to be around her sister and i wouldn't let my best friend down. Anyways i don't think she likes me. This year im trying to focus on school but also having fun after all i only have two years of high school left so i have to go out more and have fun.

Hey guys hope you liked this the first chapter will be up by tomorrow in the afternoon thanks mayaminkus for the idea go check her books out they are really good 😊 HOPE YOU HAVE/HAD A GREAT DAY ☺️

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