Here Comes The General

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(Warnings: Packing, Lafayette being salty, Jodie's back, Jefferson being pissed that he's worth $8 less than Alex, how does a plane work?, Washy is coming, GEORGE WASHINGTON HOWD YOU GET OUT OF THE DOG, BF/N THATS KINKY, GEORGE WASHINGTON, causally buys extra plane ticket)
(Y/n POV)
We were leaving in two days to go meet president cheeto. I was practicing my respectful demeanor. Bf/n was spending the night. Jodie had come back a few days ago, and she was now explaining aviation to the seven in the living room while I separated out the pizza slices for everyone. Simple dinner. I'm in shape, I swear. Bf/n looked around.
"Babe, do you have any more of that gum?" He asked.
I stuck out my tongue to show the gum I had on it, "Sorry, I took the last one."
He froze for a second before dipping down and kissing me passionately, grabbing my hips. I gasped, but slowly melted and cupped my cheeks into my hands. He tongue kissed me, pulling away a few seconds later with a satisfied look on his face. I stood there, blushing madly. "What was that for?"
"I got that last piece of gum." He stuck out his tongue like I had. I realized my gum was gone.
I laughed hysterically. "Oh my god, babe, holy shit! You're so weird!"
"Oh, you have no idea. You'll sure be seeing my weird side ,ore often these next few days, being in D. C. with fascist sweet potatoes and homophobic vampires will really bring out my unusual." Bf/n joked.
Lafayette eyed the kitchen. I know he isn't jealous, but I don't know why he hates or even strongly dislikes Bf/n. Meh, that's his problem.
(Lafayette POV)
After eating dinner, I laid on the couch while some of the others went to pack their belongings for our trip to Washington. Speaking of things that start with Wash, Washy came up and pawed my hand, which was dangling off of the couch. I picked him up like how Y/n showed me and pet his tiny head. Something about hose eyes looked so familiar, and there was a sense of being trapped. He yapped slightly and bit my finger. He nudged his head, in an almost human manner towards Alexander's laptop. I knelt down curiously, and noticed it was open partially. By the look in Washy's eyes I knew I was urgent. As weird as it was, listening to a dog.
I opened it up all the way and the scream brightened up. There was a spell on how to turn an animal into the person it was in its past life? I looked back at Washy and he pawed the screen three times, once again very human like.
I read it out loud.
"Make this man himself again and rid him of this primal prison, so help him all gods."
The room lit up and I shrieked. It reminded me of being close to a live cannonball in the wars. I grabbed the computer and slid backwards in fear. In front of me sat none other than George Washington himself. He coughed and opened his eyes. Indeed, they were the same as the dogs. The dog was still alive, but now it actually had the eyes of a dog: black spheres.
"Y/n!" I yelled.
(Y/n POV)
I ran in and saw Lafayette next to my dog and one of the largest men I've ever seen. He was wearing loose pajamas. My only reaction was "good god, another one??"
"Lafayette, who's this?" I walked over slowly as the man stood up with his help.
"Ma'am, I am George Washington. This may sound even more peculiar than the other who showed up here, but I have been inside of the mind of your dog." He chuckled, "Rather fitting you named him...Washy."
I didn't know what else to do but to hug him. "It's great to meet you, Mr. Washington. YO, BOYS GET OUT HERE."
Alexander looked astonished, along everyone else. But Alex's face. His was full of glee. Thomas Jefferson's expression was amazement with confusion. Washington smiled at the two of them.
"Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Jefferson." Washington shook both of their hands warmly. "Long time no see, Lieutenant Burr, Mr. Madison, Lieutenant Laurens... and is that the best spy to ever infiltrate the British government...?"
Washington smirked as they completed their sentences. "Hercules Mulligan."
Washington turned around and hugged Lafayette. "And Marquis! Oh goodness, it's great to be free!"
Bf/n had his mouth agape, F/n introducing themselves properly and Jodie as well.
After a few minutes of question asking and reunion, Washington spoke up. "Miss Y/n, would you by chance have something for me to eat that isn't dog food?"
I giggled and nodded. "Definitely, sir."
"What do you MEAN I'm only on the two dollar bill?!" Jefferson bellowed.
"Ha I'm with eight more than you." Hamilton sneered in a mocking tone.
"You know why George is on the one dollar bill?" Jodie asked slowly.
George raised an eyebrow. "Why?"
"Because he was number one."
F/n did the little "da-dun-chhh" thing and everyone laughed.
"But seriously the two dollar bill is never used, this is bullshit." Thomas groaned.
"Watch your language in front of women, Mr. Jefferson." Washington said sternly.
"Ah I don't know, Mr. Washington. These women are more masculine than some of us." Burr warned.
"I strongly doubt that for some reason-"
I stubbed my toe as I walked some dishes to the sink. "FUUUUUUUUCCCK."
"Never mind..." He trailed off.
F/n gave George their bed, crashing on an air mattress next to Jodie in the living room. Alexander finished up his night typing and the house was silent. I walked by their room on the way to my own and I peered in. Lafayette finally looked at peace. Maybe he was just wondering where the heck Washington was earlier and this led to it. I guess I'll never know.
I walked into my room and Bf/n pulled me into his arms on the bed.
He played with my hair and kissed my forehead. "I have two really big surprises for you when we get to D. C."
I looked over in the corner as I heard a yip. Washy's actual self was dreaming in the dog bed Washington had refused to use. I snorted and laid my head back down.
"But, I'm sure I can give an additional surprise now~"
"Im game..." I snorted and kissed him.
Seriously what's up with his weirdness.

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