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taehyung was happy. he didn't have reasons to complain about anything or anyone.
he lived a simple life, studied arts and literature, had a strong passion for music, and liked reading whenever he had time.

since he left his parents home, he has lived in the same small apartment, big enough for him to have all he needed.
his place was simple too. in the small balcony, he had some of his favorite flowers on display; inside the apartment, you could see a book shelf full of books, all types of stories and all kinds of authors; next, you had the, again, simple couch and tv, with a small table between both, in which you could always find  book half way read through.

simple apartment, but held lots of memories. memories he had made with his front door neighbor, jeongguk. like every cheesy romance taehyung had spent his time reading, helping your neighbor with something they need can bring great things to happen in the future. and for taehyung, it brought friendship. and after that, it brought love. and a while after that, it brought heartbreak.

taehyung picked up his book from the small table, just a few chapters until he'd reach the end. the current chapter being read could be found marked by a set of photo booth pictures, the first one showing jeongguk and taehyung smiling fondly at each other. the second one, you could see jeongguk kissing taehyung, clearly catching him by surprise. the third one, taehyung was kissing him back. and the fourth and last one — taehyung's favourite — was both of them smiling into the kiss.

jeongguk moved in to the building maybe after two years taehyung had been living there. he studied photography, loved to sing — would sing taehyung to sleep with his favorite song, although anything jeongguk sang would become taehyung's most loved melody — and had a part time job working in a nearby library. taehyung would occasionally stop by, so of course they ended up growing closer, until neither of them wanted space between them anymore.

a little sad that it ended. taehyung loved jeongguk, and jeongguk loved him right back. he didn't exactly know where they went wrong; maybe it was taehyung feeling neglected, and jeongguk feeling the same way. both were at fault for ending something so beautiful.

taehyung let a sigh escape his lips, finishing the book he had been reading. jeongguk had recommended him that one on one of their so called library dates, where taehyung would come by during jeongguk's last few hours of work with some coffee and food, picking up a random book to read, while jeongguk watched him, occasionally kissing his lips, or nose or cheek, just because he loved to watch his boyfriend concentrate on something he loved.

he got up, his eyes a little tired from spending a good part of his day reading, and went to the bathroom to take a shower. after he was done, he decided to go return the book to the library. it was saturday, and jeongguk didn't work there on saturdays, so he wouldn't have to face him and feel his heart break a little — you could say he wasn't exactly over it just yet.

he put on his clothes, making sure to wear warm clothes since it had been really cold for the past month, it was snowing too; him and jeongguk would cuddle and drink hot chocolate during times like this. taehyung shook his head to get rid of jeongguk coming into his thoughts, and left with just the book in his hands.

he locked his door and headed to the elevator, pressing the button, and waiting for it to arrive. the elevator today was taking a while, and taehyung pressed the button a few more times quickly, even though he knew that wouldn't really make any difference on making the elevator arrive faster.

right after doing that, he could hear the sounds of keys locking a door, and soon, the sound of steps filled the hallway that led to the elevators.

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