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• Passive-aggressive

• Alexandra's Genesis (Violet eye disease). Meaning that he has violet eyes and no body hair.

• His thoughts are hilarious and random but nobody knows because he keeps them to himself.

• The only person who has seen all of the multiple sides of his personality is America. Mainly because America is both his dear brother and a huge pain in the ass.

• There are many sides to his personality. And the side you see is based on the kind of relationship you have with him and how comfortable he is around you.

• Hates how he loves hockey so much because it's so stereotypical.

• Maple leaf pjs.

• Sexy drunk.

• Has Naruto merchandise all over his room.

• Has written a Sasuke x Male!Reader fanfiction and is ashamed.

• Matthew Johnathan Williams

• A kinky little shit (it's always the quiet ones).

• Would try and pull pranks on all the other Nations, since they ignore him so much. He'd do things like changing their ringtone, moving their things, ect.

• Has the same hoodie in all of the colors of the rainbow but the red one is his favorite.

• ^^^ Same with his converse shoes.

• Since he became friends with Romano he's become much more sassy.

• Drinks a bottle of syrup for breakfast.

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