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• Favorite color is Prussian blue.

• Lefty :)

• Since he's albino his hair isn't silver. It has been white-blonde at some point and is just plain white now.

• Full name is Gilbert Elizabeth Beilschmidt.

• Loves math but won't admit it because liking math is lame.


• When he's not being loud and obnoxious, his voice can be gentle and soothing.

• Loves cute things (especially animals).

• Gilbert often wears multi-coloured skinny jeans; his favourite being the pink ones because of their brightness and ability to draw attention.

• When Prussia was little, he would sleep face down with his butt in the air.

• Even though he can speak without his accent, he doesn't because German accents are sexy unlike American accents.

• Sleeps with a teddy bear.

• I'm absolutely okay with him being a post-op trans man if that's one of your headcanons.

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