Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Songs for this chapter are:

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One Love - Justin Bieber


Justin's POV

"Justin, what a coincidence it is seeing you here!" A long finger nail prodded my shoulder. I slowly turned, and faced the person.

"You have got to be kidding me." I groaned. What was she doing here?

"I thought you'd be happier to see me." Virginia giggled. I clenched my teeth, and she threw a piece of her bright ass red hair over her shoulder.

Brooke slowly turned, and when she caught side of Virginia, she immediately paled.

"Why would I be happy to see you." I spat. Virginia shook her head, a smirk creeping up on her overly painted lips.

"You miss me Bieber, I know this priss can't give you a good fuck like I can." She purred. She placed a hand on my arm, her nails scratching over it. I jerked my arm away from her. I wrapped it around Brooke.

"At least she isn't a plastic bitch like you." I snarled. I glanced at Brooke, who stood with an emotionless expression on her face.

"Oh come on, don't be like that babe." She cooed. Brooke frowned, and finally stepped ahead of me.

"Look, I don't know who you are, or what you thought you had with Justin. However, he told me you were a meaningless one night stand, so I suggest you get away from us while we're on vacation." She said. Her voice was calm, yet cold like ice. It dripped with seriousness, and collectedness. My lips curved into a smile, and I glared at Virginia. She stood with her mouth hanging open, before she blinked and regained her posture.

"I'm not here for fun, Brooke." She spat. My fists clenched, I certainly did not appreciate her talking to Brooke like that. "Justin needs to come back to New York."


"Brandon sent me, there's been a bit of a crisis, and it would be best if you came home." She stated.

"And why in the world would they send you?" I groaned. She smiled at me, pressing her right eye down in some sort of sultry wink.

"I offered."

I heard Brooke mutter a soft, "Of course you did."

"Well, I'll see you two back at the hotel. Our flight is booked for tomorrow." I cringed when she said our flight. With that, she walked away, her black heels clicking against the pavement.

Brooke and I stood in silence for a while, before I turned to her.

"Baby I'm so sorry -"

"Don't. It's alright I just, I'm just disappointed." She murmured. I sighed, pulling her into my chest. I rested my hand on her head, stroking the hair back. I kissed the top of her head, inhaling her scent. I knew we were having a good time together, and neither of us wanted to go back to boring New York.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to go back either." She nodded against my chest. "But hey, at least we have today."

She lifted up her head and nodded. The line had started moving again, and about ten minutes later we were finally at the front.

Brooke and I climbed onto one of the seats, and I grabbed her hand tightly in one hand and wrapped my other arm around her waist. Her excited eyes met mine, and she bit her lip.

The ride started slowly, and I closed my eyes, leaning against Brooke.

"That was awesome!" She squealed. I on the other hand, felt like I was going to puke. I didn't fucking know the Tower of Terror was a drop tower. God damn it made me feel like my stomach was at my feet.

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