Heathens (Chapter 6)~Zenix's Leadership

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A/N: Sorry for not updating this for a little less than a month. I've been busy with testing and getting some other books on my main account done. ~Car

By the way, I'll be going through and editing chapters 4-7 (including notes), so if you see any changes, that's why!

By the way, I'll be going through and editing chapters 4-7 (including notes), so if you see any changes, that's why!

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dem hipsI'LL STOP heh

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   This is odd without a doubt. Normally, Gene doesn't hide things from them due to the fact that he doesn't have to. He's the boss of all the Shadow Robbers and doesn't have to go through anyone to confirm things.

   Maybe he's working with another company for a moment?

   No. . . That doesn't sound like Gene.

   I frankly don't have an explanation.


   Gene struggled, grunting out loudly in frustration, "LET GO OF ME!" He screamed, his voice bouncing off of the gray walls.

   That guy with the mask from the other day approached Gene with duct tape in his hands, "Shut up." The male growled, the piece of tape dangling on the end of his fingertip.

   The teal eyed man struggled, his hands being bounded together, "If you give us full custody of the Shadow Robbers, we'll let you go." The person said, his voice low and gruff.

   "NEVER!" Gene proclaimed, "You will never get custody of the Shadow Robbers." He snarled. "Then you'll be here for a very . . . Very long time." The mysterious man said as he placed the tape over Gene's mouth.

T I M E S K I P . . .

F I V E     D A Y S     L A T E R . . .

  Laurance stood in front of many Shadow Robbers, all of them gathered in one room. The room was packed and buzzing with rumors about Gene and his sudden disappearance.

   "Quiet!" The pale brunette commanded loudly, his voice echoing slightly. The room died down, Zane, Vylad, Sasha and Zenix at Laurance's sides.

   "I know the disappearance of Gene in a shocker. A few days ago, Zane, Vylad and myself received a note from Gene saying that he'd be back the next day. Obviously, that didn't happen." He announced, "But we all need to stay levelheaded. Like Gene's stated before, if anything happens, Zenix will be in charge." Laurance glanced over at Zenix, motioning him over. 

   Laurance stepped off of the platform he was standing on, allowing Zenix to take his place. "Hello, everyone." Zenix said. Laurance could tell easily that he was nervous, "Am I the only one that sees him sweating?" Laurance asked Vylad and Zane quietly, his voice a mere whisper.

   Vylad shook his head, Zane not responding. "I'm sorry that Gene isn't here to lead and guide you all through your missions. I know that his presence was much more settling for you all. At the moment, I've issued a search party of elite Shadow Robbers. Once we have a lead or any useful information on Gene's whereabouts, we'll have another meeting like this almost immediately." Zenix's nervousness was now nonexistent. He seemed like he belonged there almost. Almost.

   "For now, we have nothing of use to tell you relating to Gene. This is just to let you know that I will be in charge until Gene returns and to inform you of the search parties. Thank you all for attending. You are dismissed."

   Shadow Robbers shuffled out of the room one by one. Once the room was completely empty (minus Zenix, Sasha, Zane, Vylad and Laurance), Laurance looked over at Zenix. He had a look of triumph and pride on his face.

   "You did good." The pale eyed brunette said, a smile appearing on Zenix's face as they made eye contact. "Really? I was so nervous!" Zenix exclaimed.

    Laurance decided 'Why not?' and returned the small gesture (in other words, he smiled back), "I'm proud of you." He stated.

   Zenix's expression brightened. He was excited without a doubt, "Well . . ." He started, buzzing with excitement, "I better get to work." The other brunette stepped off of the platform, "Bye guys! Come on, Sasha!" Zenix demanded lightly as he ran out of the room.

   "He acts like a child." Zane commented with crossed arms after Sasha left. It was just Vylad, Zane and Laurance in the room now. "He's just excited. Give him a break." The unrelated brunette glanced over at him.

   The masked man scoffed, "Whatever." Vylad groaned, "Can you not fight today?" He asked as we made our way to the door.

   "Depends on how idiotic Laurance decides to be today." Zane responded, "I'm offended!" Laurance exclaimed. "Good." Is all that Zane replied with.

   After that, they left the conference room.

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