|Handsome Jack| "You're A God Damn Hologram!"

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This will NOT follow the Borderlands storyline

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This will NOT follow the Borderlands storyline.

Everyone was gone. What with the crash. Here you were walking along the dunes of what was now a wasteland with Rhys and. Jack, you were able to see him too. However, some times you've wanted to get rid of him is beyond even my ability to count.

"What's wrong sweet cheeks?" The hologram smirked.

"Can you just fuck off! Thanks..." You growled taking hold of a rock casting it towards him; he smirked fading away. You scoffed and continued to walk.

"Jack stops fooling around," Rhys muttered.

The hologram appeared in front of the two of you; he walked backward as you talked.

"Look, kid lay off she's mine." He taunted.

You looked towards him your eyes widening slowly. "Can you just die already..." You scowled.

"No can do pumpkin." He smirked. "I'm all yours." He said extending the word 'all.'

You rolled your eyes. Looking towards Rhys who merely shrugged. You sighed as Jack placed his 'arm' around your shoulder. It went straight through you. You glared towards him and smirked slightly.

"Congrats... Dick..."

He rolled his eyes. Before looking around the quiet plains. "Think we'll freeze out here?"

You looked towards him, narrowing your eyes. "One we are in the ... FUCKING DESERT!" You yelled "Two... You are a god damn HOLOGRAM!"

He sniggered.

"Come on Rhys..." You muttered. Walking in his direction, you were prepared to give Jack the silent treatment.

"Y/N..." Jack sang.


"Y/N.." He repeated.


"Y/N..." He yelled slightly louder.

"Do you ever shut up!" Rhys growled.

"Oooh damn..." Jack laughed

The three of you were walking back to your old home, as in the basement there was a large device that was able to get Jack his real body. Then at least you could somehow get rid of him without almost killing yourself. You continued to walk along the path noticing the derelict buildings along side.

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