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      As the sun set, blood slowly traveled down the legendary hills of Azreal outside of the kingdom of Atlas. Bodies were strewn across the hillside, some whole, while others were in pieces. Two armies both could be seen retreating from the hills, while also trying to help and hurt survivors. The smaller army, or to be more correct the army that suffered more losses, entered through the gates of the kingdom of Atlas. While they retreated, hundreds of fires could be seen in the distance. This enemy were what many called a mercenary army.

I slowly rummaged through the spoils of war for any items that he deemed precious. Most people were not brave enough to be out scavenging after such a large scale battle, but for me this was nothing new.

"Put your hands up boy." A deep voice grumbled from behind me.

My whole body flexed tightly, but I forced myself to calm down as I stood up and turned toward the voice. I raised an eyebrow as three soldiers from the mercenary army came into my view.
"Is the kingdom of Atlas really so needy that they have to send teenagers out to scavenge for supplies?" The three men all laughed as they continued to dismiss me.
"Who says that I work for the king or his army?" I smirked.
Confused, the three mercenaries all looked at each other."What is your name boy?" The oldest man asked?
A loud chuckle came from me as I proceeded to look all three men in the eye one at a time.
" My name is Kieran." As soon as these words left my lips I flicked both my wrists and watched as a couple of throwing knifes found their new home in two of the soldiers necks.
The older gentleman fell to his knees in shock as he saw his two companions fell to the ground, the light of life having already left their eyes.
" I'm sorry... If we would have known it was you... we... we would have left you alone.... I swear." The man stammered as I slowly walked towards him. The feeling of cold steel once again in my right palm as I got closer to the man.
Leaning my head in towards his ear I whispered, " You know my name... I can not let you allow anyone to know I'm here."
The last thing the man saw was my smirking face as my knife slit through his neck.
" You should have never interfered with my search." I quietly whispered to nobody in particular.

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