The Maid of Honour & The Jerky Best Man {Chapter 1}

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Chapter 1:

It was six-thirty on a cold chilly Wednesday night in New York, I was snuggled up in my bed with my warm blanket; I was alone in my apartment. I was watching a couple of re-runs of Friends. I was finally warm and comfortable, taking a sip of my hot chocolate when the phone decided to ring. 

Ring! Ring! Ring!

I groaned as at the thought of having to get out of my warm blanket to answer the phone. Deciding to ignore the phone, I went back to paying attention to what was on the TV screen. The phone kept ringing for a couple of minutes until hesitantly answered the phone. 

"Hello?" I asked, slightly annoyed. 

"Francesca, is that you?" I knew that voice anywhere. 

"Mom? Yes, it's me."

"We need to talk..." Those four words sent a cold shiver up my spine. What did I do wrong now?

"Okay..." I said in a half worried, half anxious voice.

"You're going back to high school so you can experience your teenage life properly." She said in a stern tone.

"Haha, very funny. Why do I need to go back, I already got the scholarship plus I'm graduating next year." I laughed dryly.

"That's the point, you haven't experienced it. You're seventeen and you haven't been to high school. That's why I want to you come back to California to attend your senior year with your brother." She said.

"What? No, I don't want to! I've got essays and exams going on. You can't just pull me out!" I yelled into the phone. 

"Francesca Louisa Payne, you are coming home whether you like it or not!" She yelled back.

"But-" I began again but my dear mother decide to cut me off.

"No buts, missy. You are coming on the next flight to California tomorrow morning. I've sent your plane ticket to the headmaster so you can pick it up." She argued. 

"Fine." I sighed defeated. Slamming the phone down back onto the table, I grumbled and whined by myself at the thought of having to leave. Later that night, I started to pack my clothes and belonging since I knew I wasn't going to be back for a long while. 


I'm Francesca Louisa Payne. Francesca is too posh of my liking so please call me Frankie. I'm seventeen years old. I'm pretty average, I guess. Dark brown hair, violet eyes from my mother, I'm on shorter side when it comes to heigt. 

When I was five, my mother discovered my musical talents. My mother noticed that if I would go out to the park, I would twitch at the noise and my hands would move in the rhythm. I learnt piano at an advanced level, until I was 7 and they dubbed me as the music child prodigy.

At the age of 13, I started composing my own music, first it was all fun and games but when I turned 14, I received a full scholarship to Juilliard -- the school for performing arts. Being a rich kid, I thought my mother paid for it all, but she didn't. Not a single penny, so I had to keep my grades high and work hard.

At first, I moved to New York to live with my aunt Jenny but when she died I had to move into an apartment by myself. Mom and dad would send me money every month for daily expenses. At a young age, I was already very mature and independent.

So back to now, I decided to wake up early the next morning to collect my ticket and say goodbye to all my friends. Most of my friends were older than me, most of them were 21 or 22 despite the age gaps, and I fitted-in pretty well. Most of my friends were from the dance and performing arts part of the campus. My best friend on the campus was Robbie. He was a ballet/jazz/contemporary dancer and we were the same age since we were 2 of the 7 kids that got scholarships at that time.

Before I left, I had a friend kinda group. It had me, Darren, William, Jenna and Mike. We would played and do everything together. Jenna and Mike were 5 years old than us, they had started dating a year before I left for New York. I was closer with Jenna than everyone else. Darren, William and Mike were the best friends.

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