A Life Never Lived

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I got bored, so I wrote this. Enjoy!


Looking back, not all of it seemed true.

The lonely child who weeped, a tyrant on the loose, a hero shining through, a mother and child meeting for the first time.

That night was one filled with controversy, as not every event rang true. Not many people believed what they heard, nor what they saw, even with their own two eyes. Some people refused, others doubted, while some-just a small few-believed.

The lonely child who weeped, a tyrant on the loose, a hero shining through, a mother and a child meeting for the first time.

And a phantom dressed in black.


One man strapped on his mask, red-eye glaring through. Another slipped on his white robe, Hokage burning bright across the back. A fiery redhead prepared from the long night ahead of her.

And there, in the midst of battle, appeared the most unlikely of guests.



"I know honey, just take a deep-"


The prestigious man breathed in sharp, "I—I know! Just breath Kushina!" he cast glances at his hand, caught within his wife's iron grip. "Just breath!!"

"I AM!!!!" Kushina screamed. "M—Minato!"

"I'm here!"

"I—I can't!"

"Hang in there!"

"I—I... I-"

"I know, but don't give up yet!!"


A small cry was heard.


There sat a man, calm and quiet, enjoying his final moments in peaceful solitude. Fingers trailing over the fine craftsmen-ship of his cane, finding his thoughts clouded by memories.

A sudden explosion was heard. And a smile curled up on the man's lips.

It was time.

There sat a man, and he was cloaked in black.


"M—Mina.. hic ..t—to..."

Kushina's whimpers where met by deaf ears, finding herself trapped and alone, she felt her eyes burn.

Tears begun to fall.

'Minato... save me!'

The chains tightened around the Uzumaki woman's neck.




He walked the empty streets, hearing the cries of a battle nearing, as several citizens ran past him. Bodies crashed into his own, but they didn't affect the elderly man, in fact he stood still, completely unaffected.


Screams of terror rang through the village as the man stared up at the chakra monster.

And smiled.

"Hello old friend."


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