Chapter Two

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Levi's POV

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing.I looked at my phone,and saw it was Eren,and answered."Hello?"I heard Eren say," and Jean wanted you to come with us to the beach today."

"Where and when..?"

" the train station and at 2:40pm.We're gonna stay at a hotel for a few days so you can stay with us,too,if you want."Eren said.I sighed and agreed.'That's what we did..'I growled.I started packing and brought 10,000 dollars. (I'm too lazy to write the other currencies,so pretend this is the currency in this world)

"Their so late!"I growled."What's taking their lazy asses so long?!"I was in front of the train station and it was 3:00pm."If they don't get here in five minutes,I WILL leave and not tell them,so they'll hav-"I was interrupted by Eren shouting my name.I looked at him and blushed a bit by what he was wearing.He was wearing a shirt that said,'I'm not lazy!I'm just motivated to do nothing!' and some blue jeans,the shirt was the one I won him at one of the game booths at a carnival and the jeans were the ones I bought him for his birthday last year."Hey,Levi!Sorry we were late!It's just Eren didn't want to forget anything."Jean said.I nodded and we walked into the train station.

We got on a train,Jean sat with Eren and I sat next to a girl with pink hair and light blue eyes."Hi!Im Akane!"

"Hi!I'm Levi!"I said.I was irritated by the fact that Jean was sitting with Eren,so I wanted to get my mind of that.

"Are you going to the beach?"Akane asked me.I nodded.After that,we talked until Akane had to go.Luckily,I got her phone number so we could keep in contact.


That's the end of that chapter! :3

Akane is not an OC of mine.She is one of the main characters from one of my friend's stories!Her username is Little_Creepy_Brat ! The book Akane is from is 'The Last One's Suffering'!
She won't include this part of the story in her book,though!
Hope you like the chapter!

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