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Tom sighed, glancing at the clock. “6:20” he muttered to himself. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, he cursed under his breath wishing he had gotten more sleep. He slumped out of bed and exited his room, walking down the hall to the bathroom.

Today is monday, school is back in after summer break. Tom moved down here just a few weeks ago, with his mother and father. He didnt care because he didn't leave much behind. He wasn't very good at making friends. He expected for it to be the same here. People thought his appearance was weird. He was usually shunned. This bothered him, he hated himself for being different but he ignored those feelings.

He sighs, looking at himself in the mirror. His spiky hair and his black or lack of eyes, he hated them. Don't forget about his braces, those were the worst. Just another thing to add to the list. He looked away and brushed his teeth quickly, then left the bathroom. He got to his room and looked around, grabbing a pair of dark gray pants off the floor. He slips them on over his checkered boxers, then grabs his black, over sized hoodie. He puts it on over his gray shirt and slips on his high tops. Hes ready for the day.

~time skip because im lazy~

Tom walks into his first hour and glances around. He sees a few kids already there, and that there's assigned seats. He sighs and looks around for his. As he sits a few more kids walk into class. One boy catches his attention. A boy wearing a large black over coat with the collar popped out and blonde hair. He had two spikes that resembled horns. He looked away not wanting to stare. He felt weird, “it's just another kid” he told himself. He's not gay...at least, he doesn't think he is. He glances up to see the boy in the red hoodie sit down in the desk next to his. His “eyes” widen slightly and he glances away.
“oh my god oh my god oh my god” he thought to himself. The bell rings and more kids pour into class. The teacher stands, introducing herself, then starts to take attendance. Tom starts feeling anxious. He listens to all the names feeling more and more anxious after each one.
“Thomas?” the teacher called.
“H-here.” his voice cracked as his spoke.
Then the teacher moves on he sighs, his anxiety still screaming at him. He glances to the boy next to him to find the boy glancing away from him. Tom raised an eyebrow then looked away. “was he looking at me?” tom asked himself, feeling his face get hot. What the fuck is this feeling.
The teacher called out “Tord?”
“here” the boy in the red hoodie spoke, his accent showing.
Tom thought about his name and accent. “Tord..” Tom thought to himself. “i wonder where he's from”
Tom was intrigued and curious.
The teacher finishes attendance and moves on to the lesson. Tom doodles through the lesson and thinks about how he might talk to Tord. His interest in the boy becoming larger and larger with every thought.

~haha timeskip again~

The bell rings, its time for lunch. Tom got up out of his seat and walked to the door with everyone else. Tord was behind him. Tord ended up being in Toms first three classes. Tom was happy at that fact, but also stressed. He felt a tap on his shoulder.

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