Spider's Game

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Title: Spider's Game

Genre/Subgenre: Science Fiction/Space Opera

Story Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/32022459-spider%27s-game-book-one

Status: Complete

Written By: JesseSprague 

Tags Used: completed extinction ghost horror love magic murder paranormal science slavery spaceopera spider spirits supersoldier survival victorian wattys2016

Summary: Book One in JesseSprague's series, the Watty Award winning Spider's Game weaves the interconnection of various groups as they are all affected by their encounters with the Drambish - a race that was supposed to have been killed off and who possess the ability to shapeshift into giant man eating spiders. It is about survival, reproduction and love.

Cover Copy

Review: The idea is truly unique

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Review: The idea is truly unique. While futuristic it feels relatable and the visuals created by the author are exceptional.

This author is unlike any I have seen before and her work here is truly original. Spider's Game has the underlying tones of a soap opera - but way cooler.

The writing is phenomenal and the characters are deep - three dimensional and relatable. Plus who doesn't love the idea of shape shifting into spiders - can you get any creepier.

This author is definitely understated on the site and I definitely recommend reading this, the first instalment in the series first so you can follow along.

Reviewer: Anon

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