Chapter One

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I had inspiration to create this from the video!The channel is:BlakcFox4522!

It's a great vid and I suggest you watch it! :3

Levi's POV

'It's been two months since I last saw Eren....I miss him..'I sighed and looked at my phone,it had a picture of me and Eren on our first date.'I want you back..'I sighed and looked down the road.'I thought you'd be crying back to me...'I was so stupid to think that.'I walked to the cafe,me and Eren went to on our first date,and sat down.'I hate myself for breaking your heart...'I ordered some tea.While I was waiting for my tea,I looked out the window and almost cry."Eren!"I whispered to myself."With...another guy..and their..holding hands?!"I almost kicked the table down.'Oh.Hell.No!'I thought and left the cafe.I walked to Eren,with a fake smile on my face,and said,"Hey,Eren!Its been a while!"Eren looked at me and smiled."Your right!Oh,this is boyfriend.."I looked at Jean with,a smile.

"Um..hi?"Jean said."You must be Levi,right?"I nodded and looked back at Eren.

"Eren,why'd you change your phone number?"He looked at me rubbing the back of his head awkwardly."I..broke my old phone.."

"Fine..tell me your new phone number."I said annoyed.'That Jean is seriously gonna get it!'Eren pulled out his phone and gave me his phone number."Thanks!I'll call you later!"And with that,I left the two without letting them say goodbye.

'Why?!'I felt my eyes water.'Shit!'I ran back home and leaned on the back of my front door.I held my head with my hands.'Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.'I let my tears fall down my face.'I want you back...I won't let him have you!'I growled at the thought of Jean.I then chuckled at myself while saying,"I broke up with thinking you'd be crying back,but instead it's me who's crying.."

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