Chapter Three: Over

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I'm not entirely happy with this chapter. I had an idea that I wanted to try, but it didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to, but here it is anyway. I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to comment if you have any thoughts!


"Hey, Bea. A bunch of us are going out for drinks tonight, wanna come?"  Tom's text comes in at 4:30 Saturday afternoon. By "us" you assume he means the rest of the cast, which is perfectly fine with you. It's always a good time


"Great! I'll pick you up at 6!"

"See you later!"

You decide it's a good idea to take a shower if you're going out tonight. You hop in the shower and stand there, letting the hot water run over your skin. You almost don't want to get out. A part of you wants to stay there forever, and never have anymore worries. You are finally able to drag yourself from the steamy waterfall and make your way to the bedroom. You pull out your favorite pair of jeans, the ones that fit just right, and a white tank top with a navy blue cardigan. After you're dressed you return to the bathroom and look over your appearance. Straighten your hair. You tell yourself, and you do. Not long after the hair is straightened and the make up is on you get a text.

"Your carriage awaits you."

You peak through the blinds in your bedroom. Sure enough, there's Mr. England, leaning up against his car, waiting. You tug on your Avengers converse that your mom got you when she found out you got the job. You figure they were appropriate for the night.


"Hello, love," Tom says smiling when he sees you.

"Hi," you smile back. You love it when he gives you nicknames, that one being your favorite. It caught you off guard the first time he said it, but you got used to it quickly.

"Ready to go?"


He opens up the car door for you, then moves around to his side when you're in. The ride to the club is short, and when you arrive, the first person you see is Chris Hemsworth. Of course he's the first person you see. He's huge.

"Brother!" Chris says, wrapping Tom in a hug. Bromance. You smirk.

"Something funny?" Chris asks.

"What? No," you reply innocently. "Let's go in."

The three of you make your way into the club. You're led to a table in a back room, where you see some of the cast and crew sitting. You smile and join them.

After a couple of drinks and a lot of dancing, you check your phone.

3 Missed Calls.

1.) Jason. 2.) Jason. 3.) Jason.

Your phone rings again.

"Hey babe, sorry I didn't-"

"Where are you? I've called three times! I'm at your apartment and you're not home!"

"Calm down. I'm out at a club having some drinks with friends."

"Is your baby daddy there? Who's the father? Is it Tom Hiddlewhatever?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb! I found the pregnancy test in your bathroom."

"Oh! That's not mine! It's Michelle's, she's-"

The phone goes dead. You need to get home. You search for Tom.

"Tom, I need to go home."

"Are you alright?" He looks worried.

You assure him you're fine, but that you need to leave. He nods and you tell everyone you need to go, and that you don't have time to explain. You get a taxi and you're at your apartment in 20 minutes. Jason's car is out front.

"Jason?" You walk into your apartment. It's a mess. "What the..." you trail off, looking around.

"How long have you been seeing him? I should have known you were lying to me. Telling me you 'wanted to wait until marriage'. Yeah right."

"Jason, the test was not mine!" You stop. "How did you even get in here?" You're sure you locked the door before you left.

He doesn't answer, instead he goes off on a rant about how he hates liars. You stand there, dumbfounded, as he yells at you. You don't even know what's happening. Yes, you maybe had a slight crush on Tom, but it was one of those celebrity crushes that you're sure would go away. You really like Jason. A lot. At least you thought you did, but the more time went on, the more possessive he seemed to be.

"We're over! I don't know why I ever decided I wanted to date you." And he's gone. Out the door and down the hall before you can even process what just happened.

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