Chapter Two: Silence

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Thank's everyone for the positive comments on this story! Yes I know it's a little sad right now but don't worry this is a story about overcoming all these things. So things will be gettig better eventually.

The song embedded on the side is called Overcome by Within Temptation, it's a band from my own country and they're very good. This very song inspired me to write this story and it's what Winter is playing herself in this chapter. ;)

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I sat gloomily on the couch in Katie’s house. She’d picked me up after school instead of Jared and drove me back to her house. I liked her parents and younger sister but I always felt like I was intruding.

Everything was picture perfect in the living and although Katie’s parents weren’t exactly wealthy they had more than enough to live from. With my old scruffy clothes I always felt like I’d make everything dirty.

Katie was angrily lecturing me. She’d caught me coming out of school while Caleb was bullying me again. She was mad I hadn’t told her.

Stupid geek, how old are you? You should be in elementary school… You look like you’re ten,’ Caleb’s jibes chased after me as I rushed through the corridors to the exit.

Hey answer me or are you mute as well as blind?’

I knew Jared wouldn’t be there yet but I’d do anything to get away from Caleb’s voice haunting me. He’d been following me since I’d grabbed my stuff from my locker, yelling insults at me and I really didn’t understand what I’d done to deserve them.

It wasn’t like the jibes Marley and her gang directed at me. They were all about the way I looked and they never purposely singled me out.

Caleb… He’d go out of his way just to hurt me.

I reached the parking lot and looked frantically around, there were students everywhere.

Getting in their cars, laughing, talking. It was so obvious I didn’t fit in with any of them.

I was just about to dash in the direction of the road, thinking I might as well walk around for a while, when a strong hand wrapped itself tightly around my wrist.

Bitch! Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you!’ Caleb growled at me as he spun me around to face him.

I stared a moment in shock at him, surprised he would go this far in public.

This isn’t a conversation! You’re just shouting at me for no reason!’ I scoffed, trying desperately to free my wrist. He had it in a vice like grip that was slowly cutting of the blood circulation.

His green eyes had been boring into mine flashed in anger. ‘No reason! I have every reason, just the fact you’re breathing my air!’ he pushed me backwards so hard I stumbled and tripped onto the hood of the nearest car.

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