Wills dare

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"i dare you to..." katie thought for a moment, leaning forward on her elbows. "i dare you.. to kiss someone in this room right now who isn't me- on the lips!" katie smirked and sat up, her hands now pressing into the carpet behind her.
"what?" will looked around the room, each face awaiting his next move - except for nico who was in a whisper argument with jason. "look... it's just.." will couldn't tell the group why he didn't want to take his shirt off. Was it because of the ugly scars that still stretched across his chest and hips from years ago? Was it because he wasn't toned like Nico or percy or Jason? besides the answer Will gulped and got up. "look.. um can you all just close your eyes then?" the group members nodded, some grumbling.
look here's your chance, will. Go for it! just go over there and just do it really fast, come on! don't be such a baby. William Solace!
"you gunna do it will or am i just going to have to come over there and kiss you?" Leo said laughing, eyes (thankfully) still closed.
"okay okay.."
Will got up, and walking over to where nico was sitting. he reached for his face - leaning in before stopping, and dashing over to the corner of the room.
fuck it.
"look guys i'm not doing it, i'm sorry i just..." the group groaned and opened their eyes as will shimmied out of his shorts, quickly sitting down and draping the garment over his legs to avert prying eyes from the lines that there too resided.


A/N IM SORRY ITS SO SHORT IM SORRY I HAVENT BEEN ACTIVE IN TERRIBLE IM SORRY! Truthfully the end of the year has been really hard for me and not to  get your pity but it's just family stuff and idk about you but it's hard to write a cute angst story like this when you feel like dying. so yeah.
ON A SEPERATE NOTE -- YOU GUYS?!!? you're amazing thank you for reading just wow i love all of you.

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