Chapter VIII

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It didn't took long for Wiese to fall sleep, they seemed to be more tired than I thought in a first moment, giving Pandora and I enough time to talk a little on the situation.

"I know you only wanted to help them, Alynne, but do you think it would be prudent? We already have enough problems," she told me while we were sitting near to the exit of the ring, still inside of it, so no creature could see us, and as far as possible not to wake Wiese up.

"But what else could have I done? Leave them in there, alone and up to themself?"

"No, not at all, what I mean is that you promised to help them, how are we going to do that? Besides, if they can read minds, I will not be that sure about their nature, may it's all a lie. You know the Tenth can still send minions to this place."

"I know, I know!" I almost shouted. "But I didn't sense anything bad on them, they was just scared, and even after we told them not to fear, they was about to run away from us, I cannot even believe that they is sleeping in there." I saw Wiese and thought on what could have happened to them.

"Perfect, but I still disagree with helping anyone else beside any of us, we'll deal with this in the morning, I'll do another spell to find their home, take them there and then forget about this."

"That's all I asked you to do," I said more relaxed.

"Doesn't mean I'm happy about it... anyway, this took me more energy than usual, so let's go sleep. Tomorrow we will do that and wait for the best to happen." As before, Pandora didn't wait for an answer, despite I whispered a quick Good night; she just helped herself in the ground on the opposite side to Wiese.

I stared at the stars, thinking a little in what she told me. And she didn't say it in vain. There were some black circles under her eyes, her face was pale and I saw her hands were also shaking, one of the signs that what she said about her energy was true.

Witches were pretty much like any other human, with few differences. One of them was that they have two hearts, one that beats blood, and another that beats mana, each of them with their own veins and arteries.

When they lost blood, they could use their own mana to repair the internal damage and transform it to prevent blood loss, but for them to use much of it was the same than loosing blood for a human, with another difference that their bodies could collapse.

I couldn't blame her for behaving like that. It was hard enough to use magic for both of us, but to protect another one that could even be an enemy? She had all the right to be mad and worried about it, even if I was sure Wiese won't do anything to us.

However, since I was a little girl, everyone told me there is nothing wrong in helping for the first time. People could accept or reject, but it was a must to do the offer, because we never knew about the battles others could be facing.

Still, a kid? What battle could have Wiese?

That was a question I couldn't answer in that moment, however, maybe after a while they would tell us. To summon my sëol and ask for help was another option, they had access to every mind near enough to be read, and it could tell me everything I needed, but I preferred not to remind Pandora about it.

It was too much to think about, too many things to solve, and by trying to it I was just getting more tired. My eyes were already closing in on my own, and my body muscles were already swollen for the fight with the shadows. Remembering it made me smile unconsciously, knowing that we had left unharmed once more.

To say we would leave Dreamare with no wound will be a lie, but we could still leave from there with as few wounds as possible. With the shadows' blood it would be easier, which made me relax and believe things were not as hard as Pandora used to see them.

After another tired sigh, I went to the middle of the ring, the only empty space left, I laid down and tried to get as comfortable as possible on a ground full of stones and dry leaves, which wasn't much.

While the tiredness took possession of me, I noticed the stars, three times more than in the kingdom and brighter. I couldn't help but to think that somehow those were the same stars that my people saw during the nights.

It was one of the few things that comforted me, to have that weak, and maybe even fictitious, bridge with the real world. It would not be enough in the future, but it was by now.

And it reminds me, it helps me not to forget.

And then I remembered.

With the attack, Wiese, and the discussion with Pandora, I had forgotten to ask for her help, and it was already too late to do it. She will not be in the mood to do any favor before she got rid off them. However, I could still suggest it, try to make it sound as something casual, and see if it worked.

If both words were connected, and they had to be, maybe there was a chance for me to be in there for a moment, maybe just a couple of seconds to assure my family I was still alive, not dead as they thought I was.

The Tenth cursed my body and it was under her spell, but my spirit was free of her magic, so were my mind and feelings. I was still free, not completely, but with enough care and magic, it could be possible make a bridge.

And if I was right on what I thought about Wiese, they could also help us to get out of Dreamare once and for all.

And if I was right on what I thought about Wiese, they could also help us to get out of Dreamare once and for all

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