I raised a careful eyebrow. An angry Anderson was a stupid Anderson. I pushed past him, pacing.

"I examined the body. She was stabbed from the front."

"But the wound is in the back." Lestrade pointed out.

"Yes, but the imprint on the edge is rougher on the right side than left. She was hugging this person... or.. they were trying to hold her still." I moved my arms in mimic of the movement. "Her face is mangled from the fall, but if she fell on her face..." I twisted to examine more carefully. "She was hit at the back of the head with a blunt object. Imprint suggest a crow bar." I grimaced. "How classic."

Anderson made a choking noise. I didn't even glance his way, but continued my pacing, running my fingers through my hair.

"And she was pronounced dead?" I asked Lestrade. "No, don't answer that." I already knew the answer.

"She died almost an hour ago." He confirmed.

"That's interes-"

And then the body on the floor gasped, coughed, and sat straight up. Everyone within five feet of her either screamed or backed up.

"Bloody hell!" Anderson cursed.

There was a terrible silence as everyone stared in mute horror at the woman. She looked back at us.

"What's everyone doing?" Sally asked.

"Donovan? You're... are you... alive?" Lestrade took a hesitant step forward.

"What the hell, Greg, of course I'm alive, what did you-... what's going on?"

"You died." Anderson spoke sharply.

"I'm sure I didn't, because I'm fine." She argued.

"Sally... you were dead... what the fuck happened?" Anderson's voice was pitching higher in his confusion.

"I didn't die!"

"Sherlock." Anderson whirled on me. "Tell us what's going on... NOW."

"Donovan!" I blurted. "Did you see your attacker?" I gripped her shoulders. "Quickly!" Sally cringed and leaned away from me.

"Attacker?" She stuttered, oblivious to the seriousness of the situation. I pressed my fingers to my temples, closing my eyes tightly.

"Check her wounds." I ordered. Hesitantly, a med student inched forward, lifting her shirt to examine her.

"They're... Th-they're..." She stammered, eyes wide. "They're gone!"

Dead silence. Everyone looked shocked. This was starting to get annoying. I rounded on the group in agitation, pacing.

"The body was pronounced dead almost an hour ago. That would be enough time to-" I froze.

The entire division leaned forward, anticipating my deduction. My thoughts raced.

"Genius." I muttered, closing my eyes.

"Sorry, what?" Lestrade's eyebrows crept up.

"Get OUT!" I waved them all out, pushing them harshly away. No one asked questions. They didn't need to. They knew me almost too well. Anderson helped Sally stand, together they left.

"Five minutes and forty five seconds." I ran a list of possible killers through my head. Ten... thirty... Twelve, two. My eyes flashed open.

"No." I muttered. "Absolutely not."

"Sherlock?" Lestrade cut his head around the corner, waving his mobile device in hand. "You have a call."

"Give it to me, quickly." I motioned for the phone in jerky movements and he handed it over.

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