80: House of Tubes

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In Monterrey, Mexico, there is a very famous legend about an abandoned building called The House of Tubes. The strange structure was built in the 1970s, but it was never inhabited.

The House of Tubes has very unique architecture. From the outside, it looks like a set of grey concrete tubes standing on end. On the inside, the hallways are cylindrical in shape. On one side of the building, a series of ramps lead to the upper floors. On the other side, the levels are connected by a large stairs.

According to the legend, the house was built by a wealthy couple who had a daughter who was paralyzed. The father wanted to create a special house that was custom-made for disabled people. It was designed with ramps leading from one floor to another to allow her to move freely around the house in her wheelchair. The man hoped it would give his daughter the feeling that she wasn't disabled at all.

When construction began, the young girl seemed really excited about the new home her family would be living in. She asked her father to take her to see the building. On the day the girl went to see the house, two of the architects who designed it suffered a terrible accident and were killed by falling concrete. The construction crew refused to continue working on it.

The family managed to hire another group of builders to finish the house and the girl wanted to go back to check on them. She was testing out the ramps, going up and down from one floor to the next. Her parents took their eyes off her for just a moment and her wheelchair suddenly started to slide backwards down the ramp. She wasn't able to stop herself and her wheelchair came hurtling down the ramp, going much too fast. The poor girl went flying out the open window and fell to her death.

Her grieving parents couldn't bear the thought of living in the property that had caused their daughter's death, so all construction was immediately stopped, never to resume again.

Years later, the half-finished building was put on the market, but not a lot of buyers were interested. One wealthy family went to see the House of Tubes and brought their young son with them. While they surveyed the lower levels, the boy went upstairs alone to explore.

A few minutes later, they heard their son screaming. When they looked up, they saw him struggling with a little girl. As they watched in horror, the girl grabbed their son and tossed him out of the window. The boy landed on the ground below with a sickening thud. The young girl was nowhere to be found.

After this terrible tragedy, the authorities fenced off the land and it was no longer available to the public. They say the house is cursed and it is haunted by the ghosts of the two children who died there.

It is said that, at night, the horrible sound of a young girl weeping can be heard and the ghostly apparition of a young boy has been spotted playing in the entrance. Some people claim to have seen a young girl standing at the open window on one of the upper floors and waving at passers-by.

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