Regrets: Part 2

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Bart sighed, it had been a week since that "party". Jaime had been purposely avoiding him and Bart knew that.

"I still don't get it," said Bart, accidentally spewing his thoughts out loud.

"Get what, dude?" asked Beast Boy.

"Never mind..." said Bart. He was pretty bummed. He usually had his best friend by his side, but instead, Jaime was talking to Virgil, or Static. This made Bart feel very jealous inside.

He turned when he heard Jaime laugh at something Virgil said. Bart gritted his teeth, he should have been the one making Jaime laugh.

The worst part was, Jaime knew what he was doing to Bart. Bart gave him a sad look, but Jaime returned it with an icy glare. Jaime still didn't forgive him for breaking his heart.

"Hey BB, do you know why Jaime is avoiding me? It started right after that party," said Bart.

"No idea dude, I was so drunk that night," replied Beast Boy, laughing.

"Oh, okay," replied a disappointed Bart. He was so freakin confused! Jaime hadn't said anything for a week. This made Bart worry, what if Jaime never talked to him again?

Besides, the only thing he remembered from that party was taking some shots with Beast Boy. Nothing else had happened, right?

Bart decided that this had gone on long enough. He speeded his way to Jaime.

"So Jaime, do you wanna go see I movie or something?" asked Bart.

"I'm busy, hermano," gritted Jaime, with venom in his voice.

"How about tomorrow?"

"I'm also busy."

Bart looked at Jaime sadly. "It's crash dude, maybe another time?"

When Jaime didn't reply, Bart took it as his cue to leave. He stared at Jaime before heading into the kitchen.

"Ouch dude, what did he do to receive that rejection?" asked Virgil.

Jaime shot him a glare before walking to the souvenir room. He was thinking of heading home, to El Paso, but Nightwing's voice was heard on the com's.

"Blue Beetle, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Robin, Beast Boy, and Static, please report to the mission briefing room."

At the Mission Room

"So, are we gonna go on a mission?" asked Beast Boy.

"Yes, you six are the only ones that can go," replied Nightwing.

"Crash! But why?" asked Bart.

"We have discovered that there is a new drug that has been developed. It's called 'Viper'. The odd thing is, it doesn't affect anyone below the age of 19, so you all can go. If someone over the age of 19 is exposed to it, it can trigger certain genetic mutations," said Nightwing.

"So we have to find out who the creator of this 'Viper' drug is?" asked Robin.

"Precisely, this mission is purely recon. Stay on com's and stealth mode at all times," said Nightwing.

"Sweet, some action!" yelled Cassie.

"No, no action," stated Nightwing. Cassie pouted at this.

Bart noticed Jaime being uncharacteristically quiet, he gave him a concerned look, but Jaime ignored the speedster. Bart internally sighed.

How moded was his friendship with Jaime?

**Time Skip to Mission**

"Is everyone on com's?"

"Yup, I'm crash."

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