Together Forever~Robstar~

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Chapter 17.

♡♡Starfire's. Point Of View♡♡

I woke up to a glorious day.The sun was out it wasn't cold or hot.It was medium just perfect. I rushed down stairs to get some breakfast. When I got to the kitchen I did not see Dylan any where.I turned and saw a piece of notebook paper. I picked it up and it read:

Dear starfire,

It's me Dylan. You probably are wondering where I am. Don't worry I have went to a friends house to get ready for our wedding today!:p

Yes I know I could have been getting ready at our house, but you know what they say... the groom can not see the bride in her wedding dress until the wedding! Anyways can't wait to see you beutiful! ;)



Oh a hugged the letter tight I felt all the  butterflies in my stomach.I ran upstairs to get ready. I really hope this day will be the best day.

♥♥Robin's Point Of View♥♥

I woke up nice and early just in case some evil was around here on Jump City.I went to go get some breakfast when i saw a note in my dresser.At first I though it was one of the Teen Titans telling me something but no.It was something very important!


Hi Robin, better hope your reading this on time! I'm just warning you about something important! Guess who is getting married today!? If your thinking starfire, then yes you are correct! Why am I telling you this? Well...let's just say Dylan is not what he is! Go stop the wedding and safe starfire before it's too late!


I crumbled the paper into a ball and trew it out the window! I was mad but happy I still have time before starfire marries that guy that probably doesn't like her at all!

I runned to the living room and telling all the Teen Titans that starfire is getting married today.

****There Reactions!!****


Cyborg: "What!? Starfire is getting married!? And she did not invite me since I'm  like a brother to her!" :0

Beastboy:"Whoa..starfire is getting married?" :[

Raven: "Yes Beastboy she is getting married! Robin just said it!-.-

Anyways...wait...when is she getting married!?" :|

Robin:TODAY!!!! /:(

Cyborg: :0

Beastboy: :O

Raven:"We better hurry before it's to late!"

♥♥Dylan's Point Of View♥♥

╮( ̄▽ ̄)

"Don't celebrate yet! The Teen Titans might came and destroy our plan!" Slade said.

( ̄﹁ ̄)

"Yes because we need a plan!" Slade walked over to me.


"Like always you are the greatest apprentice i have ever had!" He pat my back as I smiled.

"Of course I am! Anyways have to get ready don't want to keep my bride waiting! "

♥♥Starfire's Point Of View♥♥

Oh I am the ready for my wedding! I hope everything goes well! I also hope the Teen Titans will not destroy our wedding! Oh the limousine is here!!! I better get going!!!!!


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