Chapter One

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I believe word have the power to change people. I also know that lies have so much to do with belief. 


I scrolled down my Facebook newsfeed for about the thousandth time today. With a sigh I closed my laptop, still nothing interesting. Out of habit I check my phone which I have a bad tendency to leave on silent. One unimportant text from my dad. Yep that much sums up my life. Poor little antisocial me. I stretched getting out of my bed for the first time that morning, or should I say afternoon. It was twelve thirty by the time I had gotten dress and washed up. Usually I wasn’t allowed to sleep this late, but it was Sunday. My day off. I doubled checked my hair in the mirror and instantly regretted it as I just couldn’t get a section of my hair to lay down flat. Oh well, I wasn’t planning on going out anyway. I walk into my kitchen, and yes I mean my kitchen. I had moved out of my parents house two years ago at the tender age of fourteen, and no I don’t have family problems. We just decided it was time for me to move out. I am suddenly filled with this desperate hunger and of course nothing looked good to me. I opened the freezer in a last attempt and saw a gallon of moose track ice cream just sitting there tempting me. I decided to give in. I mean after all it was lunch. I carry my ice cream into the living room only then realizing that I need a spoon. I let out a huff of exasperation the kitchen was just so damn far away. I debated for a moment if I could just eat the ice cream with my hands, but I still had some dignity. When I returned from my journey to the kitchen and back I practically threw myself onto the couch. Grabbing the remote I turned on nexflix and glanced throw the shows. After a contention with myself over if I should rewatch Sherlock or New girl I turn on the first Sherlock, A study in pink. Which I have only watched like a hundred times. Halfway throw the episode, and my gallon of ice cream, my phone went off, and yes. My ringtone is the sherlock theme song. Don’t judge me. I answered it knowing it could be important 

“Kat! You’ll never guess what happened!” I let out a groan which I’m sure was audible to my best friend Maria Bogs. She laughed hearing my “No this is good news. I promise” She says and I can almost see the smirk on her face. 

“Okay” I say giving in “What is it” 

“Jason is in town” She said and made this ridiculous fangirl noise 

“I’m sorry. Who?” I asked puzzled searching through my ‘mind palace’ and trying to think of who this Jason was.  
“Jason Hans” She said in a duh voice. “You know, the alpha of Amor Pack” 

“Oh yes” I say dryly now knowing who he was “The Alpha of Love” I say mockingly 
“What ever Kat. You know he’s hot” Maria says 

“Yeah, and a total asshole” I said. I had never talked to Jason Hans other than the semiannual Alpha meetings, but he had a reputation, and I found him disgusting 

“But” Maria started 

“He is no Benedict Cumberbatch” I cut her off “And right now you’re disrupting me from watching him” 

“I’m just saying Kat, Supremum needs an Alpha”

“I’m the Alpha” I growl “Don’t you forget that” 

“I know you fancy yourself an alpha Kat, but just remember we won’t be taken seriously until you have a male mate” At that I hung up, and boy was I pissed. I had this debate several times with multiple people. Female are to weak to run a pack. I would have thought my beta would support me though, some friend. Suddenly I felt the need to run. I put the lid back on the nearly empty ice cream container and put it back in the freezer. When I was done with that I walked outside closing the door ‘softly’ behind me, and I shifted. 

I guess I should explain to some of my human readers what is going on here. I am what you mundanes like to call a werewolf. Wattpad has it all wrong though, well not all wrong, and it is rather amusing reading human made werewolf ‘fiction’. We live in packs of any where from ten to fifty. When an Alpha reaches the age of fourteen he, or she, starts there own pack. A female Alpha is an uncommon occurrence and is heavily frowned upon by other packs but I try not to let that stop me. Although I am half wolf half human my wolf is not another person, I do not have a second voice in my head, and if you do you should probably get it checked out. A mate is a werewolves soul mate,  but hardly any one finds their real mate, I mean they could be in like Africa for all we know. Twice a year the Alpha’s of all the packs have a peace meeting, however they are hardly ever peace full. There are about fifty packs in the U.S. alone, so it’s quite a hassle getting all of us together. Anyways back to my story 

So where was I... oh yes. I was running through my woods when my path was blocked by the one and only Jason Hans. 


So tell me what you guys think, and yes the main character has the same name as me. She is alot like me. If you read all the way through this painful chapter you have my  love. Seriously though thanks for reading, and check in weekly for updates ~Kat 

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