Chapter Fifteen

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After two more tiring chores, I finally reached the level six along with the other girls.

That week wasn't a bad one because not only had I reached the sixth level, but Lucas had informed a lot of people about me and I had a considerable amount of people who came over to get their portraits or caricatures drawn. And so, by that Friday, I had two hundred dollars on me. For a start it was great.
That same Friday, after I'd finished my last chore, I was in my room filling my school bag with necessary stuff I'd be needing for the weekend I was gonna spend in Brownsville.

It was past five and I'd planned to travel at seven.

While arranging my stuff, Leila, one of the blues came into my room.

"Hey, Rahim." she started, "Be down with this on you in two minutes."

She threw a long sleeve black t-shirt at me. I stared at her.

"New pictures of you all will be taken and hanged in the legend room as official members. Congratulations."

I smiled happily for the first time.

"Thanks. I'll be down."

When she left, I immediately changed and soon I was downstairs with the others. I guessed our own color would be black.

We lined up and the leaders came in.

"Congratulations girls." Blaire said.

"Thank you!" was the chorused answer.

"Now the blues will make each of you up. Including you, Harlem." Lou said, Turning to me.

"Uh, sure." I could make an exception for that day because I was really in a good mood.

We were made up by the blues. Gina made me up

After some time, she was done

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After some time, she was done.

"All done." she said.

"Okay. Thanks."

I joined the others on the line, and one by one, our new portraits were taken.

I told Blaire and Lou I was leaving for the weekend and they said I was free to. And so by six, I left the beta house with my schoolbag full. Never had I been so happy. I was gonna see my momma.
It was evening and the six o'clock sky was gradually getting darker.
I walked down the campus's streets as fast as possible, a smile on my lips. The two weeks I'd spent on that campus had made me miss Brownsville like crazy!
I was close to the gate when a car drove in. It was a super chic black race car. It Was obviously a student's car.

It drove into the campus and past me. I continued my walk when I heard it stop at a distance behind me.

"Harlem??" Lucas called.

I turned to see him. He'd come out of the car. He ran towards me.

"Nice car." I told him.

"Oh that? Nah, it's not mine. It's a friend's. We were out for a little celebration."

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