valentine's day

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Yoonie: u know what

Yoonie: valentine's day is coming

Yoonie: and i'll spend all day

Yoonie: alone by myself

Yoonie: is not fair

Yoonie: bc its getting cold here

Yoonie: and where are you to warm me

Cutie lil pie🍰🍰: don't you dare yoo kihyun

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Cutie lil pie🍰🍰: don't you dare yoo kihyun

Cutie lil pie🍰🍰: ill spend the ay alone 2

Cutie lil pie🍰🍰: :( you look so handsome :(

Cutie lil pie🍰🍰: I wish I could warm you

Cutie lil pie🍰🍰: im sorry bout that :(

Yoonie: pls don't be

Yoonie: im just kiddin

Yoonie: I always pass this day alone

Yoonie: so

Cutie lil pie🍰🍰: reverse psychology doesn't work with me

Cutie lil pie🍰🍰: lol

Cutie lil pie🍰🍰: poor yoonie

Cutie lil pie🍰🍰: it's just you -in the whole world- that will spend this special day alone

Yoonie: unless I tried

Yonnie: right?? lmfao

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