The Will.

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Johnny's P.O.V

I was getting dressed for the visitation and keeping an eye on Christine while she slept. She had slept and woke up and then went back to sleep again every few hours. When I finally got dressed in black jeans, a black button up shirt, and boots she rolled over a little and I knew that it was time to wake her up. I went over there to her and climbed on top of her. I started to give her little kisses on her neck and mouth. When she opened her eyes, her eyes immediately looked at my mouth. "It's time to get up." I told her. She nodded and I gave her one last gentle kiss and  pulled away from her half asleep body. I watched her sit up and she groaned, "Can you get me a soda?" I nodded and reached into the mini fridge and grabbed a Dr. Pepper and handed it to her. She opened it and I sat down in front of her. I ran my fingers along her cheek and she looked into my eyes. "I love you." I mumbled. She looked down at my lips and said, "What, Johnny?" I shook my head and stood up. "Nothing. You need to get dressed." I went to the bathroom and did my hair and put on my cologne while she got dressed. When I was finished, I walked in and I see her bare back half wrapped up in her black dress that I helped her pick out. I walked up slowly behind her to scare her so I kissed the back of her neck and she gave a small gasp. "Johnny, can you zip me?" I took the zipper and pulled it up her back slowly. Then she turned around and gave me a little kiss. "Not tonight, baby." She whispered against my lips. Later we were getting into my car and she held my hand the whole way we drove to the funeral home. When we got there, she never wanted to let go of my hand and when I got out she rushed over to me and grabbed it again. I put on my dark aviators and we walked up there and there were some people sitting outside smoking and some were talking, but when we walked up there, their eyes flew to ours. Then a woman walked up to us and Christine let go of my hand to hold her. "Are you alright?" The woman signed to Christine. Christine nodded and took my hand again. "This is Johnny." She signed to the woman. I smiled and shook hands with her. "You must've been a friend of Lance's. I am Christine's grandmother." I nodded. "Yes ma'am." She sighed and said, "There is something that Lance has for you. He left it in his will for you." I nodded and I looked at Christine. "Do you wanna come inside with me? We can go get coffee." I signed to her. She nodded and we started walking towards the door. "Is it a closed casket?" I asked and she nodded. We walked inside. We walked to the very back and we walked into a room that had some stuff in it. Her grandmother leaned down and picked up a guitar case with a cream colored envelope attached to it. "This is for you, Johnny. Take very good care of it." I nodded and she said, "I'll leave you two alone." She left and Christine and I knelt down to give Christine the envelope. I unbuckled the buckles and when I opened the case I saw the guitar. It was scarlet red and it had the matching tattoo that we got when we first met nearly a decade ago. I picked up the old Gibson and flipped it over. On the back in gold cursive it said, "To Johnny, a good man, and a good friend." I felt tears forming in my eyes and I looked over to see Christine crying and reading a note. I saw a check in her hands and she looked at me. "He gave me my mother's wedding ring, and a check for three hundred thousand dollars to last me for my own house and for my surgery." Tears fell from her eyes and I hugged her body close to me. She cried and so did I. "He also said that I don't have to go to the funeral if I didn't want to." I kissed her cheek as we pulled away. "Do you wanna go, baby? I'm not gonna force you." I moved the hair that stuck to her cheek behind her ear. "No. He wants me to get my surgery as soon as possible." I nodded and she wiped a tear from my cheek. "Would you like to meet my family?" I nodded and we grabbed our stuff and left the room. I kept the check safe with me and she showed me around to her family. They were really nice and they even accepted the fact that we were together. We also told them that I was going to pay for her surgery. Afterwards we left to have dinner at her grandparent's house. Christine seemed better and better, and sometimes cried a little as Lance was brought up. Then we left and went back to the hotel and cuddled until we fell asleep in each other's arms.

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