Chapter Seven

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A/N: ^^I know that's a pretty old song but I was going through a playlist of songs on my old iPod and that was on there and I just remember loving it a ton. So I went in YouTube today to watch the music video and I was scrolling through the comments and I found out that one of the girls who sung in this song, Simone Battle, actually committed suicide back in like 2015. It just kind of shocked me and made me really sad that I hadn't known about it, it's weird to know that someone I used to listen to as a kid committed suicide and I didn't know about it until two years later. It's kind of eye opening in a sense, I don't know why I felt like I had to share that, but I did. So onto the story. Tell me if any of you remember that song too though, cause I know it was pretty popular for a while.

Hannah's P.O.V

After the mishap that happened at my house with Eathen, things pretty much stayed the same between us. He went back to hanging out with Courtney and my other ex-friends. I went back to staying under the radar with Alex. Instead of eating outside for lunch today we chose to sit in the gym and eat since it's raining. There's a track overlooking the basketball court, which is where the guys gym class is practicing. Our legs are dangling over the edge as we sit unnoticed by the guys below us.

"I'd enjoy a bite out of that one," Alex says pointing down at one of the shirtless guys running around the court. The whole time that we've been here she's been pointing out who she thinks would be tappable and who wouldn't.

"I'm sure you'd like to take a bite out of all of them," I laugh as she continues to ogle the male specimen. "It's a good thing you aren't a vampire."

"And how would you know that?"

"You don't see to be yearning for blood."

"Maybe I'm just really good at covering it up."

"Okay Alex," I roll my eyes at my delusional friend before turning my attention back to the court. I see Eathen walk out of the boy's locker room. Unlike the other boys, he's completely dressed in normal clothes and he takes a seat on the bench as he watches the other boys run around. I hear Alex gasp next to me.

"No fair," she says pointing at Eathen. "I know he's an asshole and everything but I wanted him to take his shirt off."

"Boo hoo."

"I wonder why he isn't playing," Alex says as she swings her legs back and forth. "He probably thinks he's too good to play and had his daddy buy a doctor's note for him."

"I don't think that's why Alex," I stare at Eathen as he watches the other guys run around the court with the saddest look on his face. He probably isn't allowed to exercise like the other guys do in his gym classs because of his condition. "Maybe he just isn't feeling well."

"Don't defend him," she scoffs. "He called you Pills on the first day of school."

I shrug and focus my attention back on the court. Every so often my eyes drift over to where Eathen is sitting. He's on his phone now, doing whatever it is guys do on their phones, but he must feel me staring at him because his eyes snap up and meet mine. I'm surprised by the intensity of his gaze, it's as if he knows that I've been looking at him this whole time.

He doesn't smile or smirk or show any emotion at all. He remains stoic as he looks at me and I know why he isn't trying to put up a facade to make it look like he's having a good time in this class. It's because he already know that I know about his condition, which is why he has to sit out. It's painted all over his face and body language that he would rather be anywhere else other than where he's sitting right now. I can only imagine how much he probably wants to act normal and be able to participate like all of the other guys in the gym.

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