Chapter 8: The Quiet Night

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As Emey flew above the ocean of clouds, Cail looked behind him and saw his home island, Elona, fading away. Throughout his entire childhood, Elona was the only world he had ever known, and now it was drifting away from him. Everything he knew about his previous life had turned into a memory in his mind. Cail began to agonize about venturing out into the unknown, about what would become of him. Then he looked up to the night sky. The stars resting above comforted Cail of his anxiety. They gave him illumination during his flight through the night.

After a few hours of flying through the darkness, the island of Silman began to grow larger. The closer Emey flew, the more their destination swelled. Cail's father said Silman was a vast island, but Cail was unprepared for what lie before him. Colossal mountains were spread throughout the island, reaching as high as the Silman was wide. Elona was a mere pebble compared to the mountains that rested on Silman. If there were civilizations here at one time, surely they're here no longer. Cail thought to himself, seeing the prodigious masses of rock along with the forests that covered their basses.

Although one mountain stood taller than all the rest. It towered over the entire island, like a father standing over his child. The base of the mountain was made of cobalt rock and surrounded by emerald trees. The trees faded as the mountain grew taller and the rocks turned gray. A coat of snow rested on the peak of the mountain, snow as white as the clouds. There appeared to be no sign of life along the sides of the mountain, it was only illuminated by the starlight in the sky.

Then Cail spotted a few specks of light at a gap in between the forest and the mountain. "There are people here!" Cail exclaimed to himself out loud. He turned Emey towards their direction, travelling on a direct trajectory, but then he remembered the warning his father issued to him. I can't let them see me yet, they might not be friendly folk.

Cail spotted a bare mass of land a short distance away from the light. He directed Emey down to the ground and she gracefully landed without making a ruckus. Once Cail jumped down from Emey's back onto the hard, dusty ground, he gave her some fruit from his pack and whispered, "I'll call for you if I'm in danger." Cail could see that she understood him and she launched into the dark sky.

Cail turned around and saw faint light emanating through the trees in the distance. He carefully crept through the rough grass, trying to avoid detection. Cail moved more slowly as the lights brightened and voices grew louder. The voices were of two men, sounding burly and rough. Cail approached just close enough to where he could see the men through the trees, but also far enough away so that he would remain hidden. It was difficult to see them due to the darkness of the night, but the lanterns they each held revealed broad shouldered men, about the age of Cail's father, attempting to carry a couple of wooden barrels.

"How much longer do we have to wait out here?" one of them asked, revealing a hint of agitation in his voice.

"I've told you a dozen times, we have to wait here until Cardil returns," the other man responded. "He said that it was imperative we wait until he found what he needed."

"But we have the keys to the city gates. Why not just leave him out here? He is just a grumpy, old wizard after all. What good is he to us?" the first man asked.

"And if he manages to make it back into the city and find us? What do you think will happen to us then?"

"I suppose you're right," the first man responded, depressed that they were being forced to stand still in the cold of the night.

I didn't think I would find people here, much less a wizard! Cail thought to himself. On Elona, wizards were often perceived as being nothing more than a myth, an exaggeration of man. Wizards were said to have been sent by the gods to be the protectors of the world around them. Everyone has their own theory of why they had disappeared from Elona, but no one knew for certain. I must find a way into the city. This wizard could have a lot of insight on the magic I've discovered.

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