Building Up

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A couple of Months later.

I walked outside and looked at what we've created.
It was like safe heaven. Thanks to dad and Daryl our population grew. Dad even turned into a farmer. We have some pigs and a horse.  It's great.

I felt a hand around my waist and smiled.

Daryl " you hungry?"

I nodded  " yeah "

We walked to the outside kitchen were Carol was making food.

Everyone was greeting us.
Daryl has become the favorite of some women but I wasn't bothered.

i smiled  " smells good."

Daryl took a minibowl with some roasted deer flesh.

He ate one. I ate one too.

Carol smiled "They love you"

Daryl "You know, Rick brought in a lot of them too."

Carol shook her head " not recently. Give strangers sanctuary, keeping people fed, you're gonna have to learn to live with the love"

I nearly choked on the flesh.
Daryl rolled his eyes at me "right"

Carol " I need you two to see something."

She looked at Patrick "Patrick, can take over?"

Patrick walked to us " yes, ma'm"

I quickly wiped my hand on a towel.

Patrick " Mr. Dixon, I just wanted to thank you for bringing that deer back yesterday. It was a real treat, sir"

I smirked at Daryl.

Patrick " and I'ld honored to shake your hand"

He held his hand out.
Dad looked at it and I held back laugh. Then he licked his fingers clean and shook his hand.
I grabbed Carol's shoulder and we held back and laugh.

Then we followed her. We walked to the spot from who we could see the whole field and the fences.

Carol " about today, I don't know if we are gonna be able to spare a lot of people for the run. "

Daryl " that place is good to go. We're gonna move on it."

Carol " yeah. The thing is, we had a pretty big buildup overnight.  Dozens more towards tower three. It's getting as bad as last month. They don't spread out anymore"

Daryl " with more of us sitting here, we're drawing more of them out. You get enough of those damn fence-clingers, they start to heard up."

Carol " pushing against the fences again. It's manageable, but unless we get ahead of it, not for long."

She looked at the bowl and then at him " sorry, Pookie"

Daryl nudged her and scoffed  " pf"

He gave the bowl back and then we walked to the he cars.

They were packing the truck for the run.

Beth came out and walked to her boyfriend. I stood next to Daryl. He kissed her.

I smiled " how cute"

He looked at me and rolled his eyes.

She kissed him again and he called after her " ain't you gonna say goodbye?"

Beth " no"

Daryl " It's like a damn romance novel"

I giggled.

He grabbed my waist and kissed me.
I kissed back and smiled. I was happy.

I broke the kiss " You sure you don't want me to come with you?"

Daryl nodded " I'm sure."

Me "i Love you "

He got on his bike " love you too, babe"

Then he and the others drove to the field.
I walked after them and saw Michone. Daryl stopped in fornt of her.
I smiled at her and hugged her.

Me " Welcome back"

She smiled at me. She looked take Daryl " didn't find him"

Daryl nodded " glad to see you in one piece"

Michone " i'm thinking of looking over near Macon. It's worth a shot."

Daryl "70 miles of Walkers. You might run into a few unneighborly types. Is it? I'm gonna check out the Big Spot.the one I was talking about, just seeing."

Dad nodded" yeah I got to go out and check the snares. i don't wanna lose whatever we catch on the walkers. "

Michone nodded " I'll go"

Carl " You just got here."

Michone smiled at him " and I'll be back."

Then she left.

Me " come on, dad "
I nodded to the gate.

We ran to it and opened it. They drove off.


Dad had left for God knows what.
I stood outside and saw 4 kids standing by the fence and waving at the walkers. Carl and Patrick made their way to them. I walked to the kids.
Carl "--they had names when they were alive. They are dead now"

I walked to them.

Lizzy " no, they're not. They're just different. "

Carl " what the hell are you talking about? Okay,  they don't talk. They don't think. They eat people. "

Me " alright alright alright, kids. "

They looked at me.

Me " Don't give them names and don't wave them. Don't get attached to them, okay?. And don't go near the fences. They will build up and then we'll have a problem with the fence."

Lizzy " but-"

I shook my head " no buts. I don't wanna see any of you here again. "

Lizzy " They are just different "

Me " you're right, but bad different. They don't love anymore. They don't have a heartbeat like we have. They are dangerous. Besides, weren't you supposed to be at read?"

Lizzy looked at her crew " come on"

Then they walked away.


Daryl came into our shared cell.

I smiled at him " hey. How was it?"

Daryl sat down on the bed and took his shoes off. 

I was sitting behind him on the bed.

Daryl sighed " Zack is dead"

My jaw dropped " You tell Beth?"

He nodded " didn't even lost one single tear. "

Me " Oh boy"

Daryl laid down.

I was leaning against the wall. He put a hand on my thigh.

Me " you alright?"

He nodded " You?"

Me " yeah

Daryl yawned " good"

I smiled and laid down. He put his arm around me and I put my head on his chest.

Me " night"

Daryl " night, Ken"

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