Chapter 25

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"...goes but I know, that I won't forget her, 'cause we danced all night to the best song ever.
I think it went oh, oh, oh
I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah
I think it go-" Camila stopped dancing and singing with Emiren in her arms once she caught sight of Lauren in the bedroom smiling fondly. "Hi baby, what's up?"

"I was waiting for another verse to be honest, or more of your ass shaking" Laure spoke as she walked over to Camila and gently cupped her ass as she kissed her fiancee whilst using her other hand to stroke the few hairs Emiren had on her.

"So what are we doing today" Camila asked as she gave Emiren to Lauren as she went into her room to do her hair, Lauren following on.

"I was kind of thinking maybe have a competition on who should be the godparents of Em. Set out a tournament with all the girls in and let them battle for top spot" Lauren joked.

"To be honest, I don't even know who should be the godmother of her, I mean, she has so many aunts that love her, why should we pick one from the rest?"

"So true, so how about we go see our families today, that way there's no bickering from our parents" Lauren suggested, still quite annoyed at how the last family gathering turned out.

"Sure baby, if you keep an eye on Emiren, then I'll sort a bag out with everything for us to take" Camila spoke as she left the room as Lauren held the baby.

"Do you like mamma sing One Direction songs? Because out of all the songs I like, I don't think any of them are appropriate for you" Lauren said as she looked into Emiren's eyes.

"Babe, I'm ready, where are we going first?"

"How about we go to your parents first, and then mine, and then come back home and just chill with Emmyboo?" Lauren half asked half stated.

"That sounds great Lo, let's go though, the sooner our families meet Emiren properly the sooner we can come back home and just chill in bed"

"Are we going to announce the engagement to them?" Lauren asked Camila as they walked outside of the house with Emiren in Laurens arms.

"I think we should just carry on like normal and check if anyone notices this-" Camila playfully shook her hand around to gain attention on her ring.

"Is it bad that I'm nervous for when they find out?" Lauren asked as she put Emiren in the car seat and sat alongside her, meaning that Camila would be driving.

"Why are you nervous babe?" Camila asked as she started the drive to her parents house.

"I just, it feels weird, like yeah you're family know me, but they know me as your girlfriend and just that, now they be seeing me as your fiancée and, I feel as though there'll be more pressure on us as a couple as well as is dealing with too involve parents trying to run everything"

"Well my mom and dad gave you permission before to ask for my hand in marriage, so it's not like they're against the idea of us getting married" Camila spoke in a joking manner.

"Yeah, but I didn't ask this time" Lauren panicked.

"Lolo, my family love you, and they love us together. Don't worry about anything, well other than our parents trying to control our wedding" Camila pointed out and smiled when she heard Lauren giggle.

"Let's go see your parents and Sofia first and then mine?" Lauren asked as Camila nodded her head.

Shortly after, the girls were in the car and had just pulled up outside of Camila's family home.

"Can you announce that we are engaged so that I'll hold Emiren that way if your family don't like it they can't hit me because I'm holding Em?" Camila laughed and rolled her eyes at Laurens question as the two women made their way to the door, as Lauren held Emiren.

Lauren and Camila sat down on the sofa in the living room as Sofi held her niece, Sinu and Alejandro looked on proudly at the sight of their two daughters, and granddaughter until something caught her eye...

"Karla... what is that?"

"What mama?"

"The ring in your finger shouldn't be in that finger unless...?"

"Well, its time to tell the truth I suppose. Lauren and I are engaged" Camila smiled as she hugged a blushing Lauren from the side and kissed her cheek.

A high pitched scream came from Sinuhe, which caused Emiren to cry, leaving Sofia looking petrified as she claimed "I didn't do it". Alejandro jumped up and down repeatedly before hugging Sinu, who was still screaming.

"Mamma, calm down" Camila told her mother who, along with Alejandro, ran over to Camila and inspected the ring as they gave her kisses and hugs. Lauren walked towards where Sofia was and took Emiren from her to calm her down from the ear piercing screams that came from Sinu.

"So you're marrying Kaki?" Sofia quietly asked Lauren.

"Yeah, is that okay with you?" Lauren replied back.

"Not that it will, but if anything bad was to happen with you two, would you still talk to me?"

Lauren rolled her eyes at the question before smiling at sofia, "Of course I would, when Camz was missing and I basically given up hope with her, I still kept in contact with you, didn't I? You're my little sister, I'll always be there for you, regardless"

Sofia's eyes teared up as Lauren spoke, she clung on to Lauren's side and whispered "thank you".

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