Chapter One - Untitle Love

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It has been eighteen years since Nina Michealson and Elijah Posada meet on that fateful christmas party held at the Michaelson's residence. The day where they met and knew that one day they would be happy just like their parents. But no one told them just how painful and beautiful their story would be. Also how their love story never came to be and was almost destroyed.

From the time Nina was just a little girl she looked at her parents for the ideal model of what a relationship was suppose to be. But of course she wasn't aware that her parents we almost divorced because of the cruel people who didn't want them together.

The day she met Elijah Posada on Christmas she had this weird feeling something strong and unknown to her little self. Her small brown eyes saw him like in an instant became her whole world. When she walked up to him her smiled at her shyly as her held his father's Alejandro's hand. "Hi I'm Nina!" She said nervously. Elijah said not one word but blushed shyly as he looked up at his father he nodded approvingly. "I'm Elijah Posada." his english was a little broken. He had been adopted from Italy about three years earlier and lived there for two years with both his dad's till they moved to Mexico for about a almost two years to adopt his baby sister Allison and from there to America for Christmas. Little did Elijah know he would meet someone where he wanted to running away from but not out of not liking them but from feeling something so strong at a young age. A feeling that no six year old child could even comprehend.

When she told her mother Malia Michaelson what she felt that Christmas night, Malia smiled and told her the story of Twinflame Soulmates. "Once in our life times meet someone who completes us in every sense. We have many many soulmates who come into our lives for different reasons and leave for many reasons too but only one very special person that fits us perfectly just like a puzzle piece.

Now when we meet this special person sometimes what we feel it is so strong that it scares us because we have never ever felt something so strong and beautiful it's like love at first but even better. And sometimes one of the twin flames will run from their feelings and the other will chase but not literally...not really chase them. I'll tell you more when you're older just enjoy being four sweetie it gets more complicated when you get older." Malia said kissing her daughter's forehead that Christmas night.

All the guest had left and the house staff had finished cleaning only an hour later. The children were sleeping and Mr. and Mrs. Michealson had the dismissed the staff for the evening. As Mason and Malia laid in there bed with their youngest child,Michele, laid asleep between them as they talked.

"I think Elijah Posada made a huge impression on Nina..." Malia said as she moves a strand of hair out of little princess face as she snores lightly.

Mason frowned, "You mean like a crush right?" he said

Malia nodded, "I think so she's only four my love." Malia said giggling. "I remember having a crushes when I was just a little girl." she said smirking.

"On who?" Mason said a bit envious that he had not known his wife as a child.

"On several boys....I thought they were all cute when they weren't picking their noses." Malia giggled.

"Mhm sure you did it." He rolled his eyes. "Why can't Nina stay four forever." he groaned in anguish to know his oldest daughter and soon his youngest daughter and his only son, will all grow and fall in love. As a father...he now understood his father and all his fatherly worries. As a father now he realised the kind of man he was before Malia was a man he was not proud of or the man that hurt her out of lies he was told. Since he woke up from his coma he vowed to not only be a better man but a great father for his children. The last thing he wanted was for his daughters to meet the younger version of himself.

As Nina grew up the Michealson and the Posada Families often met with one another for their children's school events and playdates. And each time Elijah ran from Nina and yet Nina chased but then soon realized from her mother when she told her she made herself hard to get or simply focus on more important things that a four year old girl should think about.




And more importantly Tv.

Time passed on and Nina she grew up to become a young lady by the time she hit her preteen stage. She was awkward and shy but had a certain confidence about herself. While Elijah came to his early teen years to be the opposite of Nina Confident, outgoing, and ladies man. He was charming and loved by all who he encountered as he was raised by both of his father's to be loved by all and not just by them and his family.

During business event's both Runner and Chaser would avoid each others eyes. They knew somehow if they looked into each other eyes. Her Brown eyes and His Blue eyes they would feel everything that have both have been trying to avoid for so long.

This is the story of soulmates with twin souls, who endure the tragedies of not betrayal but of the betrayal of life when it decides to try take someone you love and cannot live without. How do you manage that kind of betrayal?

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