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The plan


It was one day after the party when Bam found himself still feeling sick from all the alcohol he had consumed the other night. He and Missy had just gotten back from Ryan's apartment after they crashed there when the party ended in the deep hours of the night.

"Babe?" Missy spoke, "where are you going, stay with me," she said in a demanding manner as Bam walked way ahead of her into their shared apartment.

Bam stopped walking and sighed, turning around to face her. He wanted to go to the bedroom and sleep his headache away for the rest of the day. Was that too much to ask for?

"I'm not feeling good Missy, my head hurts," Bam said.

Missy pouted and Bam turned around, walking up the stairs, but soon he heard Missy's footsteps close behind him.

"Wait," she grabbed his hand and forced him to look at her, "I can make your headache go away.." she said. She tried to sound seductive, but Bam wasn't having it today.

"Missy—I just want to sleep.. maybe tonight."

Missy frowned and let go of his hand, "are you still mad about yesterday?"

Bam looked down at the ground. He could barely remember anything. Just some vague images floating through his head.

Missy took his silence as a yes, "I said I was sorry Bam," she said irritated, "god, you're difficult."

Bam clenched his fists, "Just leave it. You're forgiven," he said, trying to sound calm.

Missy rolled her eyes, "Oh thank you so much Bam, that really made my day," she said sarcastically.

"Jesus Mis, stop acting like a bitch for once.." he replied.

Missy looked at him in disbelief and anger, "take that back."

Bam narrowed his eyes, and for some reason his lips curved into a smile.

"No," he said calmly before turning back to go to his bedroom. The only thing he ever wanted to take back was asking Missy to be his girlfriend.

It certainly was the biggest mistake of his life, and he finally realized that when he crept under the covers and thought about everything that happened at the party last night. He may have been drunk, but he could still remember those beautiful eyes looking up at him in confusion when he did something so unexpectedly. When he got the chance to place soft kisses in her neck.

She was all he could think about.

"Bam?" he heard Missy's voice from the other side of the door, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"What do you want."

Bam heard the door to the bedroom open and after a few seconds he heard it closing again. Missy walked towards the bed and laid down next to Bam.

"Have I told you how much I love you today?" she mumbled while placing her arm around his body.

Bam let out a sigh and reached for something on his bedside table, his wallet. Missy tried to hold back a smile, she had succeeded once again.

"Thank you babe," she kissed Bam on the lips once he handed her his credit card.

"Whatever," Bam pulled away from her kiss quickly and turned around to lay on his other side. At least she would leave him alone now.

Missy smiled pleased and walked away, grabbing her phone to call up her friends for a night out, where she would pay of course.

This was how their fights usually went. Bam would always be the one to walk away, and Missy would always follow him. Bam would eventually get so tired of her that the only way he could get rid of her is by giving her his credit card.

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