9 - Sam the prick.

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Drake ❄

Music was thumping loudly from every direction, the ground beneath me vibrating along with every beat. Girls were dancing everywhere, half naked ones mostly. The smell of sweat, cum and fucking weed was in the air and usually that's all it took to relax me.

But today I'd come for something else.

A distraction.

The truth is, ever since that night I had with Vanessa, I couldn't stop thinking about her. It drove me nuts! It was supposed to be a one night stand. Just a one night stand but for some reason I wanted her with me. All the time. My head would spin with the image of her laughing, chewing on her bottom lip or eating popcorn.

I needed her out of my head and fast.

Some blonde chick who's body was barely covered, stalked up to me, slowly straddling my legs. I lean back on the couch a smirk tugging at my lips.

She leans forward, seductively whispering, "You wanna go somewhere handsome?" I bite my lip, my hands gripping onto her hips as they slowly moved against mine. She pulls back, rubbing her chest against mine. "I know a room upstairs that's empty.."

She gets off my lap and pulls me up from the sofa, leading me through the swarm of sweaty bodies. She drags me into a room upstairs, closing the door behind us before pushing me onto the bed.

Her hands clamp onto my chest and usually at this point I'd be excited, but right now all I could think about was Vanessa.

"Who's been a bad boy?" The blonde head above me murmurs. I sigh, trying my best to go with the flow like I'd normally do.

Five minutes later I was watching the blonde girl storm out of the room, an angry scowl on her face.

"Sorry!" I called after her. I don't know if she heard it but I didn't care.

Why can't I just have normal ssex with a hot woman without thinking of her?

Sighing I get up, running a hand through my hair before stalking out of the room and back down the staircase.

I need a beer.

Walling into the kitchen I glared at a guy who made eye contact with me. "What?" I hissed at him, irritatedly. He holds his hands up immediately, and shoots me an innocent look.

Fucking wuss.

I rip open the drink cooler and take out a can of beer, hissing as the ice cold water hit my skin. I pop it open and gulp down large amounts before going out back, a scowl on my face.

I was annoyed because I couldn't seem to let loose and get in bed with a girl who didn't smell like vanilla.

"Yo Drake! Over here man!" I glance up, and manage to smile at my best friend Fritz who was sitting with a group. They were all huddled together by a fire, roasting marshmallows.

"Hey man." I greeted, plopping down on the grass beside him. He grins lazily at me. "The fuck you doing roasting marshmallows at a party like this? Dude, go get fucking laid or something." I tell my friend. Fritz smirks at me, nudging my shoulder.

"I got a girlfriend dickhead."

"The fuck? Since when?" I exclaim, eyes going wide. Fritz was always so damn wild, I hadn't seen him in about a week or so... He couldn't have possibly fallen for some chick in a week.

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