8 - Throw in some sexy.

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Vanessa 🌻

V - Did you tell your brother to beat up my ex boyfriend?

D - Well hi to you too gorgeous.

V - Seriously Drake..

D- yeah, I did. Why?

Sighing I lean back, throwing my phone into Kelly's lap.

"I knew it." Kelly smiles widely, flashing her perfect set of teeth. "You see how he asked 'why', Vanessa?" She squeals excitedly.

"Kelly, that doesn't prove anything." I roll my eyes at her and she snorts.

"Of course it does Vanessa! He obviously wants to know whether you liked the fact he made his brother bash Sam. If he didn't care about you in some way, he wouldn't ask 'why'." She rants and I lean back in the leather seat of my car.

"Kelly, even if he does care about me in some way, I'm not ready to move on yet." I tell her. "Which I really don't think he does, I mean we hooked up. So what, what's the big deal? People do it all the time." I shrug, and Kelly smiles at me.

"You still have a lot to learn little blue bird." Kelly pats my head and I scoff, pushing her hand away.

"Personal space buddy." I replied, pulling out of my parking space. Me and Kelly went to the park after school because no one was home and we wanted to grab something to eat anyway.

"Yeah, yeah." Kelly mutters. "Now take us to kentucky fried chicken!" I roll my eyes yet again.

"It's KFC Kels."

"Whatever, same thing." I laugh at her antics and press the button beside the steering wheel, the roof of my car going down.

Kelly's dirty blonde hair started flying everywhere and she whooped, sitting up higher in her seat. I pull my hairband out of my hair, leaving it to fly behind me as I hit the stereo. I twist the volume knob until music is thumping as loud as it can through the speakers.

"I LOVE THIS SONG!" Kelly scream and I laugh. We both start belting out then lyrics to 'all we need is love' by Ricki-Lee.

"All we need is love!

All we need is love!

Wanna shout it from the rooftops

All we need is love!

We're on a one way ticket

To paradise

We're kicking down the doors

Coming to life!"

I turn the music down when we arrive at KFC, and by the time I'm parked in a parking space me and Kelly are grinning like goofs.

"My sister you're going on fucking Broadway!" Kelly shrieks once we walk through the glass doors. Everyone looks at us weirdly to which I snort.

"It'll be a dream come true." I muttered, before we quickly ordered our food and seated ourselves.

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