5 - Darcy the bitch.

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Vanessa 🌻

"Hi Vanessa.." A dreamy smile stretches across my lips as his hands cup my face.

His lips inch closer to mine and the excitement bubbles up inside of me. It's finally happening!

Jason Derulo is about to kiss me!

My eyes close and his lips brush against mine before-

"Vanessa! Wake up!" My eyes snap open and I sit up straight in my bed with wide hazel eyes.

"WHAT?!" I immediately scream, my heart pounding. "What happened?" I ask, staring at Kelly in confusion.

"Oh nothing." She smirks, "I'm taking you to the mall cause I don't want to go by myself." I glare at Kelly all of a sudden.

I was so close to kissing my dream guy and I was interrupted for this?!

"Why don't you just take Thomas!" I groan, plopping back down onto my back and snuggling into my covers.

"Because he pushed me while we were having sex yesterday, so I'm currently ignoring him." Kelly says, pulling the covers back off my and grabbing ankles. "It's a Sunday anyways. You always go shopping on Sunday."

I grip onto my sheets as she starts pulling off my bed.

"But I'm tired!" I whine, the sheets not helping me at all. I end up falling onto the carpet floor with a thud.

"Great! You're out of bed." My so called best friend grins down at me and I scowl up at her from the floor. "I'll see you in the kitchen downstairs when your showered and dressed."

She leaves my room, closing the door behind her.


Forty five minutes later I've showered and I'm dressed in fresh clothes.

I took an extra long shower just to annoy Kelly. She definitely deserves it for interrupting my almost kiss with Jason Derulo.

Grabbing my purse, I exit my room and head downstairs to the kitchen where Kels told me to meet her. I could hear muffled voices coming from inside and I rolled my eyes, already knowing it was probably Tom apologizing to Kelly.

Pushing open the kitchen door I raise a brow at Kelly who was staring down at her phone with a pissed look.

"I'm eating before we leave," I announce, sitting down across from Kels before stealing Toms cereal. Ignoring his protests, I shove spoonfuls of cheerios into my mouth.


"Whatever," Tom mutters, glaring at me before he turns to his girlfriend. "Who're you texting?" He asks, nudging her knee with his own.

"Max says hi by the way." Kelly informs me and I roll my eyes. She's probably not even texting him.

"Fuck Kels! I didn't mean to push you, you just looked really fucking good in that red lace thing and I was fucking e-"

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