Accidentally fallen for you. oops. (9)

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"Stop!" I screamed.

My metal was still on the ground somewhere. But I would be able to get it. With a quick kick. I hit him below the belt. and ran in the wrong direction. My luck.

I was trapped in the corner. Terrified as I saw the man get off the ground and walk towards me...

(Still Lily's POV)

The man walked towards me. This was it. Goodbye Ben, Mom, and Alex. I get to see my dad again if he kills me. And all my pets. That was a plus. And if Ben is dead I will see him.

I was prepared to scream and kick. I was prepared.

He had me cornered. I could feel his breathing on my cheek, here I go.

Before I could scream or fight. There was a Thump! And the man went down.

The tears started flowing on my cheek. I'm alive!!!

Then I looked to see what took the man down.

"Ben!" I cried. Grabbing him and putting my head in his chest.

"Are you okay? Did he harm you?" He asked anxiously. Staring in my eyes.

"N-no he didn't" I sobbed. He hugged me tighter.

The man was still conscious. Staring at us like he was planning to attack again.

Ben let me go and grabbed the metal piece again. Whacking him across the face. And he kept pounding him the metal and he would kick him. Even though the man was completely out cold. Barely breathing.

"Ben! Stop!" I cried. As much as I wanted that man near death. Ben couldn't have blood on his hands.

He didn't listen. I ran over to him and pulled him away from the man named Marco.

"Don't" I told him.

"He deserves to die!" Ben roared.

"Yes. But you shouldn't be the one to kill him! Do you want to go to prison?"

He looked at me. With a grieving expression.

"He shouldn't of gotten near you. If he hurt you I swear I-"

"Ben. Lets get out of here" I told him. Interrupting him.

He looked awful. He was more beat up then when we were at school. His face was bruised and bloody. His expression was tortured. I didn't know how well he could walk. Because he started limping over to me.

"Come on Ben. Lets get out of here" I told him. Wrapping my arm around him and helping him walk.

"I'm so incredibly sorry Lily" He said. His voice shaking.

"I'm fine Ben"

He didn't say anything.

"Lets take you to the hospital" I muttered.

That made him talk.

"What? No! the police will take us away" He said quickly.

"True. But your pretty bad Ben. Any broken ribs?"

"I don't think so"

I helped him to the passenger side. Shocked by how calm I was with this all. But it would definitely effect me later..

"I'll go in Target and get a first aid kit" I told him. Driving into the parking lot of Target.

Ben looked worried. Like I shouldn't.

"What?" I asked. Getting out of the truck.

"Be safe" He told me.

"I promise" I grabbed my purse and walked inside. Feeling Ben staring after me.

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