What Else Comes To Life. Part 71

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19th February 2017 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Sarah's POV...


" There was only six ledgers that Florence found in Agnes's room after the fire. Not seven." I said to the others.

" Then where is the seventh?" Celia asked us as if we would know.

" Can we examine that ledger, Peter?" Micah asked him as the men all stood looking around at each other. Not Henry, though. He was just relaxing back on the settee with Alice cuddled up next to his side smiling about something he was thinking about which probably had to do with his brother Rupert.

Looking at the ledger that Peter was holding in his hand was like watching a snake about to strike. Should I get out the gun and shoot it or what? I couldn't make up my mind.

I was still reeling over Jaxon telling us about George's car being rammed from behind. Poor Violet and George. There was always something that came up to cause them some kind of misery. But my heart felt so sad that they had gone through what no parent had to go through with the accidents and the loss of a baby then the hope of never having another.

I know how that feels. That's what the doctors all told me after my father nearly killed me. The chances of having a baby were practically nil with the damage I sustained to my uterus. I had so many dreams of a family when I was young. But now they are all gone. With my little boy, Ashur.

" That was Moss. He is stopping by the house with the ladies first to drop off some things that Barb has been given from George's house. Then they'll be here shortly with Dr Roberts." Reid was saying to us bring me up and out of the dark thoughts, I was just having.

Then I remembered the ledger that Peter had stolen from his grandfather. His daughter was still going on about the theft and how she was always taught to be honest in all things. So she was really going to town in the kitchen on her mother who dragged her over there away from us at the moment.

" Peter, can I look at the ledger, please?" I asked him as the men were still standing there looking at each other.

A moment later, it was placed in my hands. I carefully opened it up and looked through the columns to see that this might very well be the latest ledger as I didn't recognise any of the names that were written in it down the same column that the other ledgers had the Joifiled name in. It was a little confusing for me as I tried to look at it.

I was slightly distracted by extra voices coming into the house and it wasn't until a hand reached out and took the ledger from me that I noticed that it was Barb who was standing in front of me. The ladies had arrived.

" We are going to have a cuppa tea, Dear. Why don't you join us before getting engrossed in that damn book." Alice went on to say to me as she and Henry were helped to their feet. Thinking about them both, they must have been nearly one hundred years old give or take a few years.

" How old were you Alice, when you and Henry got married?" I asked her curiously wondering how long she and Henry have been together.

" I was fourteen when we got married. Henry was sixteen. I think we're doing all right for ourselves given how long we have been together." She was saying to me with a smile as we all settled down around the large dining table as Celia and Melly were placing pots of tea and coffee in front of us all along with some muffins.

" Muffins. Yummoh." Both Jimmy, who had arrived with the girls, and Jaxon were keen to say as they spied them on the table in front of them with the rest of us just laughing at them both. Right before Micah and Henry swooped in and grabbed the first ones and began nibbling at them.

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