Again and Again

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Here we go!!!! prepare for errors!!!!


~~~Tyler's POV~~~

"Finally!" squealed Dot, "I've been trying for the past couple days to get you away from Bo!" She dragged me into her room and jumped happily onto the top of her bed. Dot patted the space next to her, and I sighed and sat down next to her. "We need to talk about the winter formal."

"Yay," I declared sarcastically. I wasn't one for getting obsessed over material things. Three years in captivity tends to kill your excitement over fashion. Dot whacked my arm and I rolled my eyes at her.

"I, for one, am excited. Therefore, you need to get excited as well!" The way she had her hands on her hips and her nostrils flared made her look so serious I had to laugh.

"What's the theme of this winter formal anyways?" I asked, lying back on the bed.

"A night of magic and whimsy," replied Dot. "That's what the poster said, at least."

"Sounds like fun," I remarked seriously. Before Dot could respond, I heard a knock at the door.

"Come in," called Dot dismissively, and a moment later Fae slipped into the room. Her fiery hair hung down past her shoulders, slightly obscuring her neck, but I could make out a pinkish welt on her throat.

"What happened to your neck?" I asked, propping myself up on my elbows.

"No way!" yelled Dot shrilly, "He claimed you!" She bounced off the bed and wrapped her arms around Fae. "I'm so happy for you! Rhett finally stopped being a moron!"

"I'm sure he'll still have his moments," replied Fae casually, but I could see the pure happiness shining in her eyes. After Dot calmed down quite a bit, she came bounding back to the bed and Fae settled in the desk chair.

"Not trying to sound uninformed or anything, but what is claiming?" I asked honestly. "It sounds like a good thing that has to do with mates but no one never really explained it to me."

Fae exchanged a look with Dot. "It's when the guy werewolf gives his mate a sort of hickey bite thing."

"No offense, but that sounds kinda gross," I replied.

Fae chuckled. "It's not as disgusting as it sounds. It is actually kind of a turn on." We all laughed and Fae's cheeks turned bright red.

"After claiming comes the mating," Dot said, and she wiggled her eyebrows at Fae, who, in return, grabbed a piece of paper, crumpled it into a car, and pitched it at Dot. "Do you know what mating is, Tyler?" asked Dot sarcastically.

"Why, no I don't, Dot. Please explain further," I replied, feigning innocence.

"It's sex, duh!" said Dot, and she looked confused.

"I was kidding!" I cried, and Fae snorted. Dot blushed and I turned towards Fae. "When does one usually get claimed? Or, when they mate?"

Fae thought for a moment. "Well, Rhett and I have been together for the past three years, but we're a special case. Usually, your mate claims you a couple days after you meet each other and you mate not soon after."

"Bo hasn't even mentioned claiming me," I said softly, and I looked down at my hands, suddenly feeling a bit sad.

"It's probably because he wanted to take it slower with you," said Dot simply, and Fae nodded in agreement. Before I had the chance to think too much about Bo, Dot clapped her hands together and demanded our attention.

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