8th January 2010

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I got them killed. The Doctor, Nurse Liz, the man with the Cross. I ACTUALLY found the man with the Cross, he said he was called a priest, and he said that I had to go home back to Hell. Then Daddy came walking and said that I must stay here, and said that I must kill him. So I took Daddy's knife and started slicing his head. Then I hung his dead body on a tree outside the hospital, and I came back, acting like nothing ever happened.

I swear I didn't write that. I swear, what is wrong with me? And how did Mummy and Daddy keep appearing whenever someone talks to me? I must figure this out. And I needed to say something important-

Then I cut the doctor and the nurse and everyone in the hospital. I'm sitting here alone and I like being alone. I'm going to plot my next murder and bring everyone to Hell!

Wish me luck,


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