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Hi, so I think it's pretty safe to say I won't be writing for this book any time soon if at all. That being said, I wanted you guys to have one more thing from encounters that wasn't a really sucky last chapter.

So, here are all of my promised drafts. Half of them aren't even that good, but I hope you like them anyways. I included a tiny caption at the top of each one explaining the context so you don't get confused.

this was an idea I had a really long time ago about Lauren attempting to crib train Camila and have her sleep on her own.

"Okay little one, time for bed" Lauren cooed, laying the girl down in her crib and handing her her stuffed rabbit.

The young girl was definitely sleepy, but was still very much awake, and whined quietly when she felt herself be put down.

"Ssh ssh, time to go night night" Lauren whispered, patting her back and starting to walk out of the room.

She really needed Camila to learn to fall asleep without her, since she didn't want the girl to have trouble sleeping whenever went away on a work trip. And with college starting up again soon, she didn't want the baby to get too dependent on sleeping next to her.

The small girl whined, kicking her feet up when she heard Lauren leave the room. She was tired, and could feel herself getting fussier as the seconds slowly passed.

"Mama!" She cried, kicking her feet down on the mattress. She wanted mama to come in and hold her, but the woman had just left her there.

Technically, the girl probably could have climbed out on her own, but she didn't feel big enough.

She was only little, and everything was too big around her. All she knew was that mama wasn't there, and she wanted her there.

Outside the door, Lauren was simply praying the girl wouldn't cry for too long. If it kept up for another minute, she'd go in and console the little girl, but she told herself not to pick her up, or else the girl would get used to her coming whenever she cried.

Ally, Mani, and Dinah all know about her little side here, and were left to babysit while Lauren went to work.

"Hey Lo! Am I bothering you?" The short woman asked, wincing as she heard Camila continue to whine in the other room.

"No I'm in my office, what's up? Is Camila giving you any trouble?" Lauren sighed, though she already had a feeling about what the answer was.

"Not too much, but I was just wondering if she's had a nap today? She doesn't want to eat, and is fighting us a little, so we thought maybe a nap would do her some good" Ally hummed.

"No, she hasn't" The woman sighed, stopping to rub at her temple before beginning to speak again. "She insisted that she was a big girl, and big girls didn't need naps. If you could put her down for one that'd be great, and also let her know that she and I will be having a talk when I get home" Lauren said, hearing the woman hum before saying goodbye.

Ally sighed as she walked into the other room, spotting Camila with her arms crossed, still staring at the food in front of her. Dinah was sitting at the counter, while Normani was leaning up against the stove as she watched the stubborn girl huff and whine.

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