Chapter Two

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Keefe, Dex and I were sitting in an awkward triangle like circle. Dex clearly didn't want to be here, and and and I had no ideas about how to make him more comfortable.
'Guys, come on,' Keefe whined. 'I came here for s party, and so far, this party is pretty damn boring.'
I stifled a laugh.
'True, but do you have any suggestions?' I replied.
Dex opened his mouth to speak when the door to my room burst open and a flurry of giggles, hair, and fabric came piling in. 
'Subtle entry.' I murmered.
Biana glared at me, and then looked back at the rest of the group.
'We have arrived.' Biana announced.
'Oh wow,' Keefe said in a dreamy voice. 'I had no idea.'
'Shut up.' Sophie said, staring up at the ceiling with an almost pained expression.
Sophie looked upset, and I couldn’t quite figure out why. She always seemed so calm and happy, so this was completely out of the ordinary.
' Sophie and I want to play truth or dare.'
' Correction,' Sophie said. ' Biana wants to play truth or dare.'
' Are you sure that’s a good idea?' I asked
Biana rolled her eyes.
'Ugh, you sound like Sophie.' She complained.
I felt myself blush, and nervously glanced up at Sophie. Her pale cheeks weee tinged with the rosy pink blush that I was all too familiar with. I quickly looked down at my feet to stop myself staring.
'Anyways,' Biana said, placing her hand on her hip. ' It wasn't that bad last time. Please?'
'Yeah, Fitz, come on. Please?' Keefe whined, copying my sister's voice perfectly.
I turned my head and looked at Dex. He shrugged.  I sighed, and shifted backwards, urging Keefe and Dex to do the same. The two girls sat down. Sophie next to me, and Biana next to Keefe. I smirked at him, and he blushed, quickly replacing it with a smirk back at me.
'Let’s get this party started!' Keefe yelled.

A/N- I'm SO SORRY I took so long to get Chapter two up, but Chapter three will hopefully be longer and up very soon.

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