Chapter 1

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*Tring* *Tring*

Ahh! What is this annoying voice? Why nobody wants me to sleep? I'm not picking it up it will just go to voicemail.

After 5 minutes..

*Tring* *Tring*

I hate mornings! I just want to lie in my bed whole day. Anyway it was a weekend and I don't want to get up early. Nope not happening.

It stopped ringing and I almost drifted back to my sweet abyss.

*Tring* *Tring*


I woke up and without checking the caller ID, I picked the call and in a sleepy voice said "Hello?"

"Whaaaat? You're still sleeping?" My best friend Maya yelled from the other side.

"Will you stop shouting and tell me the reason why you disturbed my sleep?" I asked her.

"Anika, did you forget that we were supposed to go shopping for the office party?" She reminded me in her patronising tone.

Oh Shit! How could I forget about the party?

Every year our office holds an annual party for its employees. It was tomorrow and I still don't have anything to wear. I really want 'him' to notice me this time. Will it happen this time I wondered!?

"Hello? You there?" She screeched in the phone. Ahh.. she's such a drama queen.

"Yes yes I'm here. I'm sorry for sleeping in. But we still have an hour to meet right? I'll be there on time don't worry. See you at the mall." I told her and cut the call before she could say anything else.

I rushed to take a shower and after taking the quickest shower of my life I started to get ready. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a girl with brown eyes and waist length brown hair. Nothing special about her.

I am not what you call a drop dead gorgeous girl. At 5 feet 3, I was a normal looking Indian girl with dusky skin, not too thin not too fat. Just an average 24 year old girl.

Coming out of my thoughts I looked at the clock and rushed to my dressing room. I took out a Mango high waisted blue jeans and a yellow frilly Chanel top to wear with my nude stilettos from Steve Madden. My favourite pair of heels.

I quickly did my makeup which only comprised of winged eyeliner and a nude lipstick. I then blow dried my hair and decided to leave them open. I then wore my diamond studs and spritzed my favourite perfume from Dior. I looked at my reflection and thought not bad. I then picked up my Michael Kors Bag and my iPhone.

I looked at the time and saw that only 45 minutes were left. Maya will kill me. With that thought I went to the living room and saw my mom cooking and dad reading newspaper. My mom,Vasundhara Singh is a housewife and my dad, Prithviraj Singh owned a very reputed business firm in Delhi where we lived. He comes under Top 10 Businessmen of India. But he never had any air about his position and was always very down to earth and helped everyone whenever he could. One day I just want to be like him.

"Where's Antara Di and Aarav?" I asked my mom enquiring about my elder sister and younger brother.

Antara Di and I have an age gap of three years
She is a well known model and is so freaking gorgeous with her sculpted looks. She's has a perfect body and is 5 feet 9. She too has brown eyes and brown wavy hair that's always styled. She even looks beautiful when she's just woken up while I look like a homeless person. But I love her so much and look up to her.

Aarav is my younger brother by 5 years and has just started his college. He's studying Business Management just like our father to take over his company one day. I treat him like my baby and I'm very close to him. He too can get into modelling with his good looks and 6 feet height but he's interested in business though he has received a lot of offers for modelling which he declined.

"Antara has a modelling assignment and has gone to Mumbai while Aarav just left for gym." My mom answered my question.

"I'm leaving for mall and I'm meeting Maya there to shop for some stuff.Also I'm taking Driver bhaiya with me. I informed my parents.

"Okay and ask Maya to come home sometime. I haven't met her in so long" my mom said.

I nodded in yes and was about to leave when I heard "Have fun" My parents said at the same time and smiled at each other with love in their eyes.

Aww.. 27 years of marriage and they still have eyes only for each other. I wish to get my own love soon. I wish to get 'him' in my life soon.

With that in mind I got in the car and was on my way to meet my crazy friend.


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