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Hyemi's P.O.V

The next day I planned everything out and convinced the guard to take me some other places just so I could get a peek to where everyone was. To my surprise, no one actually guarded the front door. If I could just get out of the prison cell, I'd be able to make it out.

As I sat on the ground, bored to death, I felt a pain in my lower abdomen. It was fast and sharp, as if someone had sliced me with a knife from the inside. But then it died out and I exhaled grabbing my stomach. Thinking that it was probably because of the lack of food or being in an unfamiliar place, I ignored it.

Later, I felt the mark on my neck get itchy and scratched it. Suddenly, I felt a pang in my heart. I missed Yoongi and felt like I needed him desperately. It was probably a wolf thing.

"Hey quite down in there!" The guard shouted at me as I groaned in pain and boredom.

"Well I would if I had something entertaining to do" I said back as I rolled my eyes.

"Oh trust me, I'll entertain you" He smirked causing me to look away in disgust.

"Don't you have like a phone or something I could play 'candy crush' on?" I asked. I used to play that game a lot when I had a normal life and wasn't kidnapped by a handsome yet grumpy wolf.

"Psh. You should try harder than that" The guard stated. He was way too cautious, it wasn't like I was going to call someone with the phone.

"Well can you at least get me something to eat?" I asked hearing my stomach grumble. The last time I ate was before going out with Yoongi. I wonder how I can even survive that long without food.

The guard stood up without answering me and left the basement, probably going to the kitchen to get me something to eat. I quickly got up and went near the bars to find something that could get me out of there.

"This is my chance" I mumbled to myself as I studied the keyhole. I knew a hairclip or pin couldn't unlock it because I didn't exactly know how to pop keyholes open with the help of a hairclip. None the matter, I tried it anyway and failed epically.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a baseball bat sitting just outside the prison bar. It was reachable and I wondered why someone would even keep it there. I easily passed my slim hand through the bars and grabbed the baseball bat.

I heard footsteps coming back and quickly went back to my spot, hiding the bat behind my back. The guard walked in just in time to see me sitting there casually in a prison cell. I smiled when I saw a bag of chips in his hand.

"There" He said reaching the bag out to me through the bars.

"I'm too tired to get up" I whined and he rolled his eyes. How dumb was this guy anyway? The man took out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door to walk near me. I tightened my hand on the bat and waited for him to get close enough.

"Bad idea dumbass" I said as slammed the bat right on his head, almost smashing it. He fell down on the ground unconscious and I smiled in victory. Though, I did feel guilty for hitting the guy who was just merely doing his job.

Realizing I didn't have much time before someone comes in here, I ran out of the prison cell with the bat still in my hand. Yeah, I'm not that stupid girl you see in movies. Ascending the basement stairs, I quietly poked my head out to see that no one was in the hallways and took slow and quiet steps towards the front door.

That was a bad decision.

As soon as I reached the front door with my hopes high, I heard someone's voice behind me. "Will you look at that" the male's voice purred.

"The little girl thought she escaped"

3rd person P.O.V

Kaori was literally thrown into a room. She landed in the ground and felt pain shoot up her ankle, knowing she had somehow twisted it during the fall. She glared at her father was looked like a typical bad guy from a movie, standing near the door in the shadow with an angry look on his face.

Kaori helped herself up and examined her ankle before looking up at the man in disgust. "You'll never be able to win against Namjoon" She spat at him as he growled angrily.

He looked like he wanted to snap her neck off but restrained himself. Akamatsu slammed the door shut, locking it on the way before walking off clearly stomping at the ground from how loud his footsteps sounded.

Kaori started crying. She was sad that she wasn't able to meet Hyemi let alone help her escape. She was sad about what her father had become. She was guilty that she hadn't listened to Namjoon. Kaori was worried about her mate's pack.

If her father was going to attack soon, they should be prepared. The blonde was glad that she at least had a way to contact Namjoon.

'Namjoon! My father is preparing to attack you' she screamed in her thoughts. When the dyed blonde didn't hear a reply she started worrying about where Namjoon was.

"Please respond" She mumbled, more to herself with tears in her eyes.

When there was no answer, Kaori stood up, ignoring the harsh pain shooting through her body every time she put pressure on her right foot and limped her way to the window. It was locked and wouldn't even budge.

After a while of trying to find a way to escape, she sighed and sat on the bed which was surprisingly comfortable. She thought about her life and how much better it had become ever since she got kidnapped by J-hope.

"Okay that sounded wrong-" Kaori was speaking to herself again when she heard a loud scream. Her eyes went wide when she realized it belonged to Hyemi.

 Her eyes went wide when she realized it belonged to Hyemi

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Just some memes cause I'm out of covers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Just some memes cause I'm out of covers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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